War Diaries

Elizabeth and Hank Davis obtained this information for us! A short explanation follows.

    The War Diaries for the USS BANGUST are stored at the National Archives at College Park, Maryland, just a few miles from Washington, DC. Also the original deck logs, crew rosters, and construction records from Western Pipe and Steel in San Pedro, California are found there. The address of the National Archives is: 8601 Adelphi Road, College Park, MD 20740-6001. Research hours are: Monday & Wednesday - 8:45 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.; Tuesday, Thursday & Friday - 8:45 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.; Saturday 8:45 a.m. to 4:45 p.m. After registering at the front desk, we were directed to the second floor where we were introduced to an archivist who handles Navy records. He told us what was available and took our order for researching. We then went to a research room and waited while the records were retrieved. Everyone at the Archives are knowledgeable and very helpful. Since our time there was limited, we skimmed a lot of the records and only copied those items that we thought would be of interest to visitors to the Bangust Web Page. We encourage everyone who has the opportunity to visit the Washington, DC area to go to College Park and read this material.

The first War Diary is the Sinking of the Japanese submarine RO42

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    Sinking of the Japanese Submarine RO42
    Anti-Submarine Attack
    Typhoon and Aftermath
    Escorting Japanese Submarine I-14 into Tokyo Bay
    Missing the Surrender Signing on the USS Missouri

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Sinking of the Japanese Submarine RO42

    DECLASSIFIED 10/19/98

    Serial 023


    1 July 1944.
    Subject: War Diary,

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    10 June 1944:

    During this passage no reports had been received to indicate that friendly or enemy submarines were in vicinity at any time. At 2325, ship was about 60 miles east of Roi, Kwajalein Atoll, Marshall Islands and an unidentified surface contact was made by radar. This was tracked continuously and at 2342 the Commanding Officer and the Officer Of the Deck observed a ship emerging from a rain squall on the starboard bow. It could not be identified immediately because of poor visibility but when the range closed to 3000 yards it was believed to be a small surface craft or submarine. It was challenged visually twice but made no reply; instead, it turned away and submerged. The radar pip disappeared at 2348. BANGUST headed for the contact and fired star shell spreads without result.. Positions: 0800 Lat. 11o-18.5' N., Long. 171o-02.5' E; 1200 Lat. 11o-03' N., Long. 170o-34' E; 2000 Lat. 10o-21' N., Long, 168o- 38' E.

    11 June 1944:

    The Mark 10 Projector was put in readiness for immediate firing, sound contact obtained, and underwater challenge made without response. The enemy was attacked at once, then a second and third time without obvious result. A fourth attack resulted in a series of about six explosions, the first apparently being a direct hit by Mark 10 projectile. The second explosion and possibly a third occurred a few seconds later. Judging by the sound, it was another pro- jectile of the same spread, also a direct hit. Opinion varies as to whether or not a third and similar explosion occurred almost simultaneously with the second.. About ninety seconds later there was a tremendous underwater explosion, which must have been under or nearly under BANGUST.

    The shock was so terrific that it was at first believed this ship had been torpedoed. Pieces of equipment such as the ventilator in the sound hut., the azi- muth circle on the bridge repeater, and other articles were tossed in the air. The entire ship shook violently. The damage control parties automatically and rapidly checked all lower deck compartments but found no hull damage except a small leak in the forward engine room where a welded seam had been started. With the thought that some of BANGUST'S depth charges might have been fired accidentally, her K-guns and racks were checked but found complete. The blast must have been within the submarine itself.

    Immediately thereafter, the sonar operator reported two additional but rather weak explosions, also some hissing or gurgling noises. These could not be heard without instruments and their cause is not known. Shortly thereafter there was a strong odor of diesel oil in the vicinity of the final attack. Search in the area was continued until 1700, 11 June 1944 without regaining contact, although no such difficulty had been experienced prior to the heavy explosions.

    By 0800 the surface of the sea was covered with a heavy oil slick about two miles long and nearly a half mile wide. In this same area numerous small particles of cork, varying in size from dust to about one inch in diameter were observed. Specimens of the oil and cork were recovered and will. be for- warded to the Commander in Chief, U. S. Fleet with the action report. Oil was observed bubbling to the surface in a stationary area where the explosion occurred. About two dozen large sharks were seen hunting in the same area.

    By 1700 the oil had spread to cover an area about ten miles in diameter and some oil was observed still bubbling to the surface at about the same spot. Depth of water in this locality is about 2600 fathoms.

    Complete details of this action are set forth in BANGUST'S report of "Anti- Submarine Action By Surface Ship" dated 10-11 June 1944. Rounds of ammunition expended during this action: 12-3"/50 illuminating, also 96 hedgehog projec- tiles.

    Judging by the plotted track of the enemy it is impossible to be sure whether or not he was aware of our presence up to the time he was challenged. Apparently he was zigzagging to some extent or else not steering a very steady course of about 000o N at a speed of 15 knots. Shortly before the visual con- tact he turned slightly toward us and was in a good position to fire torpedoes if he had wished to do so. However, I believe he either was surprized or mis- took BANGUST for a heavier combatant ship.

    After submergence, he used full evasive tactics with full rudder throws and abrupt changes of speed. There was no indication of the use of "pillenwerfer" or other deceptive devices. No propeller noises were heard at any time. Return- ing echoes were loud and clear, with pronounced doppler. There was no indication that he was echo ranging on us.

    At 1528, CTU 57.7.3 in U.S.S. GREINER (DE37), with U.S.S. YMS 282, YMS 283 and SC 1364 arrived and joined Hunter-Killer operation. At 170l this operation was discontinued in obedience to CTF 57 despatch 110251. The other ships departed and BANGUST continued independently toward ROI. Positions 0800 Lat. 10o-05' N., Long. 168o-21' E; 1200 Lat. 09 o- 36' N., Long.167o-27' E; 2000 Lat. Patrolling off ROI ATOLL, MARSHALL ISLANDS.

    12 June 1944:

    Entered lagoon at ROI at 0750 and reported to CTU 16.7.2 for duty in accord- ance with ComServPac dispatch 04159 of June 1944. Anchored at ROI.

    13 June 1944:

    0642 Underway in accordance with CTU 16.7.2 despatch 120840 and commenced harbor entrance patrol off ROI.

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Anti-Submarine Attack

    DECLASSIFIED 10/19/98


    Serial 022

    U. S. S. BANGUST (DE-739)

    CONFIDENTIAL:1 September 1944.

    From: Commanding Officer.
    To Commander in Chief, U. S. Fleet.

    Subject: War Diary.

    Reference: (a) PacFltConf ltr. 2CL-44 dated 1 January 1944.

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    1 August 1944:

    At sea in obedience to CTG 57.7 despatch 291003 of July 1944 with oiler unit consisting of CTU 16.7.5 in USS TOMAHAWK (AO88) OTC and USS KENNEBAGO (AO81); escort consisting of ComCortDiv 32 as Escort Commander in USS BANGUST (DE739) and USS WHITMAN (DE24). Oilers formed in line, with TOMAHAWK to right; escorts in screen 52 of USF 10A, BANGUST in station 2, Speed of advance 15 knots, zigzagging on westerly courses from ENIWETOK toward SAIPAN fueling area. Zigzag plan 7 of USF 10A in use until 0710, thereafter plan 23.

    At 1330 expended rounds of ammunition as follows, for training: 30 - 3"/50, 68 - 40mm., 160 - 20mm. Positions: 0800 Lat. 13 o-07' N., Long. 151 o-35.5' E; 1200 Lat. 13 o-17' N., Long. 150 o-34.5' E; 2000 Lat. 13 o -51.5' N., Long. 148 o-39' E.

    2 August 1944:

    At 0645 arrived in fueling area and joined Task Group 50.17 at 1135; composition: OTC and CTG 50.17 in USS HENLEY (DD553). Antisubmarine screen composed of Screen Commander (ComDesRon 51) in USS HALL (DD583), USS HAMILTON (DD590), USS LAMONS (DE743), USS HILBERT (DE742). USS WATERMAN (DE740), USS RIDDLE (DE185), USS SWEARER (DE186) and USS BANGUST (DE739); convoy consisting of USS CIMARRON (AO22) USS PLATTE (AO24), USS KENNEBAGO (AO81) and USS TOMAHAWK (AO88). All screening formations used thereafter were according to USF 10A for good sound conditions, varying according to actual number of ships in the screen. During hours of darkness, one escort was stationed as picket ahead and another astern of the disposition. Except during fueling operations entire disposition normally zigzagged using Plan 6 of USF 10A. Unless otherwise noted hereafter, all operations and cruising were conducted in the GUAM-SAIPAN fueling areas, speed of advance about 12 knots. Positions: 0800 Lat. 14 o-36' N. Long. 145 o-38' E; 1200 Lat. 15 o-12' N., Long. 145 o-30' E; 2000 Lat. 15 o-55' N., 145 o-54' E.

    3 August 1944:

    As before, fueled escorts and various fleet units. At 1400 Made possible sound contact, made immediate embarrassing attack firing a five charge pattern without results. Details are shown in action report of BANGUST dated 3 August 1944 on ASW-1 form. Executed maneuver Observant, being joined by USS HAMILTON (DD590) who assumed duties of OTC but who was. relieved by USS SWEARER (DE186) at 1710 and commander Escort Division 32 in BANGUST became OTC. After completing Observant, a retiring search curve was run according to Diagram I of FTP 223. No further contacts were made. At 2300 ceased Hunter Killer operations and proceeded to rejoin convoy. Positions: 0800 Lat. 14 o-44' N., Long. 146 o-39' E; 1200 Lat 14 o -47' N., Long. 146 o-54.5 E; 2000 Lat. 14 o-52.5' N., Long. 147 o-35' E..

    4 August 1944:

    Passed within about two miles of northwest coast of. GUAM and observed some air activity by our planes, apparently dropping bombs, also a battleship and one or two smaller ships were engaged in desultory shore bombardment. Occasional heavy firing, apparently by field artillery against enemy positions, also was seen. This activity apparently lasted all morning. At 1039 BANGUST and SWEARER rejoined Task Group 50.17. At 1240 ComDesDiv 102 in USS CAPPS (DD550) relieved as Screen Commander. Positions: 0800 Lat. 13 o-50-5' N., Long. 144 o-52' E; 1200 Lat. 13 o-44.5' N., Long. 144 o -31' E; 2000 Lat. 14 o-31.5' N. Long. 145 o-11' E.

    5 August 1944:

    Fueled various fleet units. Because of distance it was usually impossible to identify ships being fueled. Positions: 0800 Lat. 13 o-39.5' N., Long. 146 o-22' E; 1200 Lat. 13 o-40' N., Long. 147 o-03.5' E., 2000 Lat. l3 o -37' N., Long. 147 o-29.5' E.

    6 - 10 August 1944:

    Fueled escorts and fleet units. During this period the composition of this fueling group changed frequently as additional oilers and escorts arrived or were detached. There were no events of special interest Positions: 6 August - 0800 Lat. 14 o-06' N., Long. 145 o-53' N., 1200 Lat: 13 o -52' N., Long. 146 o-18' E; 2000 Lat. 13 o-59.5' N., Long. 146 o -35.5' E. Positions: 7 August -0800 Lat. 15 o -39' N., Long. 146 o -51' E. Positions: 8 August -0800 Lat. 13 o-36' N., Long. 146 o-08' E; 1200 Lat. 13 o-25' N., Long. 146 o-22' E; 2000 Lat. 13 o-48' N., Long. 146 o-31' E. Positions: 9 August - 0800 Lat. 13 o-29.5' N., Long. 145 o -49.5' E; 1200 Lat. l3 o-l7' N., Long. 146 o-24' E; 2000 Lat. 13 o - 54' N., Long. 146 o-49' E. Positions: 10 August - 0800 Lat. 13 o-42' N., Long. 144 o-32' E; 1200 Lat. 14 o-05.5' N., Long. 144 o-41' E; 2000 Lat. 13 o -38' N., Long. 144 o-25' E.

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Typhoon and Aftermath

    DECLASSIFIED 10/19/98

    Serial 01

    U.S.S. BANGUST (DE739)
    C/o Fleet Post Office
    San Francisco, California

    CONFIDENTIAL:1 January 1945.

    Subject: War Diary.

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    17 December 1944:

    Steaming as before. 0700 TASK GROUP formed into three fueling groups on line of bearing 330o with this TU (TU30.8.2) at southern end, TU 30.8.12 and 30.8.4 in center and 30.8.3 at northern end. TU 30.8.14 acted independent of fueling groups. 0900 Made radar contact with TASK FORCE 38. 1930 Sugar Love Radar ceased operating. At 1130, TASK GROUP 38.l joined up with this TASK UNIT and commenced fueling exercise. 1330 Fueling exercise was stopped due to unfavorable condition of sea, except that efforts were continued to fuel one destroyer which was critically low on fuel. With the exception of destroyers very low on fuel, TASK FORCE 38 left fueling group.. USS HOBBY (DD610) and USS BUCHANAN (DD484) from TASK FORCE 38; and USS ALTAMAHA (CVE18) and USS WATERMAN (DE740) joined up with TU 30.8.2 for night. 1930 Sugar Love Radar repaired. 1930 AUCILLA and ALTAMAHA observed a light floating by. In obedience to Commander Screen, this ship proceeded to investigate. Light was sighted but went out when this ship was about 500 yds. distant. Area was searched with negative results. Searchlight illumination was used after light first disappeared but was discontinued after about 3 minutes due to military situation. Set course to rejoin at 2238. While in vicinity of search area established radar and TBS contact with USS MASCOMA (AO83), which ship was disabled and was effecting repairs to condensor, in company with USS WEAVER (DE741) and USS HILBERT (DE742). Positions: 0800 Lat. 14o - 55'N, Long. 130o - 22' E; 1200 Lat. 14o - 53' N, Long. 13O o - 12' E; 2000 Lat. 15o - 03' N, Long. 130o - 06' E.

    18 December 1944:

    Steaming singly as before. 0135 Established TBS communication with USS LAMONS (DE743), which ship had been dispatched to inform ships joining up of morning rendezvous. 0555 Made radar contact on LAMONS. Senior Officer Present, ComCortDiv 32, in BANGUST directed LAMONS to stay within eight miles of BANGUST. 0800 Meteorological observations indicated the approaching of a severe tropical storm. 0827 Established TBS communication with CTU 30.8.2 who suggested LAMONS and BANGUST attempt rendezvous at present time but to rendezvous in designated position on 19 December.

    LAMONS and BANGUST attempted to steam to south to clear center of approaching storm. Analysis of meteorological data aboard BANGUST indicated ship to be in the left semicircle with the wind from the north. BANGUST became unmanageable at 0845. Efforts to bring ship to a southwesterly course to ride out the storm with wind and sea on the starboard quarter were unsuccessful and she rode with the wind and sea on the starboard beam with left full rudder.

    When the rudder was eased she headed up to within about 30o of the wind. Although the ship rolled heavily (a maximum of 62o) she did labor so long as the speed did not exceed 10 knots. The ship was kept at 10 knots with left full rudder to clear the storm center by as great a distance as possible. The barometer continued to fall until 1500. At 1200 the wind began to haul to the westward.

    At about 1230 intercepted an S.O.S. from CAPE ESPERANCE (CVE88) with flight deck on fire. Shortly thereafter CAPE ESPERANCE announced fire out. USS THORN (DD484) told CAPE ESPERANCE she would close and standby. BANGUST radar screen clear. It was estimated that the storm center passed about 30 miles to the northward at 1500 at which time the wind had hauled to 330o. As the wind hauled, it was possible to steer more southerly courses, USS NEHANTA BAY (CVE74) in company with USS WESSEN (DEl84) passed to southward on a southwesterly course. At 1900., the ship was released from "irons" and became reasonably manageable. During the height of the storm, wind velocities were estimated to be in excess of 100 knots; the sea became mountainous; the air was filled with foam and spray; and the surface of the sea was white with driving, boiling, foam. BANGUST suffered only superficial damage. At 1930, set/course for rendezvous. LAMONS became separated from BANGUST during the storm. Made radar contact to northward and established TBS communication with USS MIAMI (CL86), USS CAPE ESPERANCE (CVE88), USS THORN (DD484), and USS TEKESTA, (ATF93), proceeding to south westward. 2124 Established TBS communication with CTG 30.8 in USS AYLWIN (DD355). AYLWIN informed BANGUST that AYLWIN had bad plate in engine room and was barely able to hold own. 2142 BANGUST directed by CAPE ESPERANCE to standby AYLWIN. AYLWIN and BANGUST turned searchlights into air to aid in locating each other. AYLWIN light was observed by MIAMI and BANGUST light was observed by AYLWIN. Based on these data, BANGUST set southeasterly course to join AYLWIN who was proceeding on southerly course at 9 knots. Made radar contact with AYLWIN at 2300. At 2310 CTG 30.8 established TBS communication with ComThirdFleet via USS RUDYERD BAY (CVE81) and proposed that AYLWIN proceed to ULITHI in company with BANGUST. Reply to this proposal not received by BANGUST. Positions: 0800 Lat. 15o -07' N, Long. 128o 00' E; 1200 Lat.- 15o -03' N, Long. 127o -49' E; 2000 Lat. 14o -02' N, Long. 127o -40' E,

    19 December 1944:

    Steaming as before to join up with USS AYLWIN. Joined up at 0029 and took station astern within easy visual communication range. Took station ahead at dawn. Sighted TASK FORCE 38 fueling from TASK GROUP 30.8 at dawn. Three fueling groups deployed on a northerly and southerly line of bearing were furnishing fueling services. Joined up at 0810. At 1300 USS TEKESTA (ATF93) was directed to standby AYLWIN and BANGUST was directed to join southern fueling unit.. Later in day CTG 30.8 shifted to USS WELLES (DD628) and AYLWIN proceeded to ULITHI in company with TEKESTA. Upon joining up it was learned that USS HULL (DD350) and USS SPENCE (DD512) had sunk during the storm and that USS MONAGHAN (DD354) was missing. Completed fueling exercise at dusk at which time TASK FORCE 38 cleared formation. BANGUST remained in company with TASK UNIT 30.8.2 comprised of OTC, CTU 30.8.2 in USS NANTAHALA (A060), USS CALIENTE (AO53), USS CHIKASKIA (AO54) and USS AUCILLA (AO56) and Commander Screen comprised of ComDesDiv 104 in USS HICKOX (DD673),o and USS DONALDSON (DE44). Other units of TASK GROUP 30.8 remained to northward. Positions: 0800 Lat. 12o -30' N, Long. 129o -01' E; 1200 Lat. 12o -48' N, Long. 128o -33' E; 2000 Lat. 13o -40' N, Long. 127o -51' E.

    20 December 1944:

    Steaming as before. At dawn, joined up with TASK UNIT 30.8.4 and commenced consolidation of cargoes. Commander Screen., ComCortDiv 32, in BANGUST. Commenced fueling escorts. BANGUST left screen to fuel from AUCILLA at 1220 and rejoined screen at 1545. At 1545, TASK UNIT 30.8.14, comprised of following ships in vicinity, USS ALTAMAHA (CVE18), USS CAPE ESPERANCE (CVE88), USS LAMONS. (DE743) and USS CROWLEY (DE303) left TASK GROUP and proceeded to GUAM for replacement planes. At 1700 TASK UNIT 30.8.4 comprised of empty oilers and ships suffering severe storm damage left TASK UNIT 30.8.3 joined up at 1700 and. heavy ships comprised of USS NEOSHO (AO48), USS NANTAHALA. (AO60), USS CALIENTE (AO53, USS CHIKASKIA (AO54), USS AUCILLA (AO56), USS NEHANTA BAY(CVE74) and USS MONONGAHELA (AO42),formed circular cruising formation on 2000 yd. circle. Screen comprised of Commander Screen, ComCortDiv 32 in BANGUST, US DONALDSON (DE303), USS WELLES (DD628), USS THATCHER.(DD514), USS THORNE (DD647), USS .MacDONOUGH (DD351) and USS HILBERT (DE742). OTC, CTG 30.8, in WELLES. TASK UNITS 30.8.6 and 30.8.7 operating to southward. Positions 0800 Lat.14 o-33' N, Long. 129o -56' E; 1200 Lat. 14o- 31' N, Long. 13O o-23' E; 2000 Lat, 14 o-50' N, Long. 131 o-27' E.

    21 December 1944:

    As before. At 0420, in obedience to TBS orders of CTG 30.8 and in compliance with ComThirdFleet secret dispatch 201652 left formation in company with CTU 30.8.16 in USS NEHANTA BAY (CVE74) and USS THORNE (DD647) to search designated area for survivors of USS SPENCE (DD512) and USS HULL (DD350). Commander Screen, ComCortDiv 32, in BANGUST. Stationed special lookouts at dawn. Carrier launched planes and commenced air search at 0800. Discontinued air search at dusk. Made radar contact with other ships of TASK UNIT, consisting of USS RUDYERD BAY (CVE81), USS GATLING (DD671) and USS SWEARER (DE186) at 1900 and joined up at 2015. GATLING assumed duties as Commander Screen. BANGUST air search radar failed in morning and surface search radar operation became greatly impaired as result of storm damage. Positions: 0800 Lat. 14 o -44' N. Long. 130 o-17' E; 1200 Lat. 15 o -03' N, Long. 129 o-06' E; 2000 Lat. 15 o-46' N, Long 127 o-32' E.

    22 December 1944:

    As before. With escorts on line of bearing ahead of carriers, carrierscommenced air search at dawn and all ships commenced surface search. BANGUST recovered an unidentified floater net at 0700 and an unidentified mattress at 1205. Other escorts recovered floater nets and life rafts. Floater net recovered in Lat. 16 o -06' N, Long. 127 o-18' E and mattress in Lat. 16 o-33' N, Long. 127 o-31' E. At 1535 NEHANTA BAY reported "BOGEY" aircraft. Stationed crew at general quarters. NEHANTA BAY launched 4 fighters. Japanese plane of undetermined type (believed to be Judy) flew over TASK UNIT at 1600 and was placed under ineffective fire by GATLING. Plane was out of gun range of BANGUST and range was fouled by own carriers. Fighters and gunfire were ineffective and enemy plane retired unharmed. Lat. 16o -27' N; Long. 127o -00' E. Reference is made to USS BANGUST action report dated 22 December. Secured from general quarters at 1646. Discontinued air and surface search for survivors at dusk. Results negative. Set course for ULITHI. Positions: Lat. 16 -12', N, Long. 126 o-58' E; 1200 Lat.16 o-32' N, Long. 127 o-33' E; 2000 Lat. 16o -25' N, Long. 127o -51' E.

    23 December 1944:

    As before. At 0840 RUDYERD BAY reported that one of his TBF planes on ASP was missing. TASK UNIT commenced air and surface search for missing plane with negative results. Search discontinued. Positions: 0800 Lat. 15o -12' N, Long. 130o -37' E; 1200 Lat. 14o -57' N, Long. 130o -28' E; 2000 Lat. 14o -36' N, Long. 132o -24' N.

    24 December 1944:

    As before. 0510 Made radar contact with TASK UNIT 30.8.20 to southward. Positions: 0800 Lat. 13o -04' N, Long. 134o -40' E; 1200 Lat. 12o -47' N, Long. 135o -28' E; 2000 Lat. 11o -56' N, Long. 137o -01' E.

    25 December 1944:

    As before. 0918 Made radar contact with ULITHI ATOLL. 0920 Discharged 3 ELCO smoke generators which were damaged by the storm and were leaking. 0948 Sighted MOGMOG ISLAND of ULITHI ATOLL. 1212 In obedience to CTU advanced clocks 1 hour to conform to ZONE -10. 1317 Escort carriers commenced entry with escorts screening entry. 1328 Screen commenced entry. 1332 BANGUST entered ULITHI ATOLL LAGOON. Mission completed. Commenced logistic preparation for next operation. Positions: 0800 Lat. 10 -27' N, Long. 139 -31' E; 1200 Lat. 09 -57" N; Long. 139 -44' E; 2000 Anchored in ULITHI LAGOON.

    26 December 1944:

    Anchored as before. Assigned availability by CTG 30.9 for ship's force maintence and repair work. Assigned to TASK GROUP 30.8 by COMMANDER THIRD FLEET.

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Escorting Japanese Submarine I-14 into Tokyo Bay

    DECLASSIFIED 10/19/98

    Serial 018

U. S. S. BANGUST (DE 739)

    CONFIDENTIAL:1 September 1945.

    Subject: War Diary.

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    24 August 1945:

    At 0610, KYNE, YMS 441 AND YMS 371 joined task group, TRANQUILLITY detached at 0930 and proceeded on duty assigned. PROTEUS, YMS 371, and KYNE left formation temporarily to facilitate emergency repairs on YMS 371, PIEDMONT (AD17) assuming duties as OTC. Group which left formation on 23rd rejoined at 1750. PROTEUS, YMS 371 and KYNE rejoined at 1759, ComSubRon 20 on PROTEUS re-assuming duties as OTC. Positions: 0800 32-05 N; 144-20 E 1200 32-01 N; 143-28 E 2000 32-03 N; 144-41 E

    25 August 1945:

    At 0620, KYNE detached and proceeded on duty assigned. T.U. 30.1.1 consisting of TELON (AGCl4) and PCE 848 joined T.G. 35.80 at 1130. KYNE rejoined at 1745. At 2300, ROWE (DD465) joined task group. Positions: 0800 32-22 N; 143-47 E 1200 32-30 N; 143-57 E 2000 32-42 N; 144-14 E

    26 August 1945:

    Task group 30.5 detached from formation of T.G. 35.80.at 0526 and proceeded on assigned duty. ROWE detached and proceeded as assigned at 1801. At 1915, WATERMAN (DE740) and LST Group 86 joined T.G. 35.80. LSM 15 joined at 2010. Com Third Fleet's 220425 August designates LOVE Day as 28 August, however approaching typhoons has necessitated delay 48 hours ordered by Com Third Fleet's 251724 August, modified to 24 hours by his 260801 August. T.G., 35.80 to enter SAGAMI WAN afternoon of August 28. Positions: 0800 32-36 N; 144-29 E 1200 32-12 N; 144-54 E 2000 31-55 N; 144-01 E

    27 August 1945:

    In compliance TBS orders of C.T.G. 35.80 In carrying out dictates of Com Third Fleet's 270204 of August, 'BANGUST received prize crew under command of Commander Clyde B. STEVENS, Jr., USN, from USS PROTEUS; at 1620 detached from T.G. 35.80 and set course 352o T at 18 knots to intercept surrendered Jap sub Item 14 in position 37-42 N; 144-52 E at 1050, proceeding on course 255o T at 12 knots, and escorted by four FM's and MURRAY (DD576). C.T.G. 38.1's 270501 relayed from C.T.G. 35.80 refers. WEAVER (DE741) detached on similar mission Positions: 0800 33-11 N; 142-16 E 1200 33-22 N; 142-11 E 2000 34-35 N; 141-37 E

    28 August 1945:

    At 0805, having arrived intercept point without contact, came to southerly course, assuming sub to have done same during night and passed us to eastward. ComCortDiv 32's 272045 to C,.T.G. 38,1 request sub's posit and his 280040 to Com Third Fleet's reports. C.T.U. 38.1.12 (on MURRAY, escorting sub) 280349 to BANGUST and Com Third Fleet answers latter's 280335 (using 4420 kilocycles) and gives sub posit. MURRAY's 280503 gives course and speed intentions, and at 1600 BANGUST came to intercept course of 183 oT. Rendezvous made at 1640. Prize crew transferred to sub, and 39 Japanese enlisted POW's and 1 officer POW transferred to BANGUST under guard. Transfers completed and unit consisting of BANGUST and Japanese submarine Item 14, ComCortDiv 32 on BANGUST, OTC, underway at 2025. All POW's conducted in pairs to sick bay where stripped, searched and given through examination for parasites and infectious diseases, by division medical officer. None found. POW's berthed in after living compartment, well guarded and locked in. All POW's given rations from general mess. Positions 0000 37-07 N; 141-29 E 1200 36-03 N; 141-21 E 2000 34-53 N; 140-49 E

    29 August 1945:

    0725, alongside FRANK KNOX (DD742) to receive SOPA and Harbor instructions for SAGAMI WAN. At 1000 surrendered sub detached and proceeded alongside PROTEUS (AS19) in SAGAMI WAN. BANGUST lying to awaiting instructions relative to discharge of POW's. At 1200, proceeded assigned berth and anchored. At 1315, all POW's transferred via LCVP to PROTEUS for disposition, by order of ComSubRon 20. At sunset, armed patrols and SL watch set, BANGUST being near beach.

    30 August 1945:

    Underway at 0725 to fuel from MASCOMA. (AO83). Returned to anchorage at 1004

    31 August 1945:

    Underway at 0450 to provision ship from LESUTH (AK125). Completed and at anchor at 1000. Underway at 1052 in compliance Com Third Fleet's 301545 of August, proceeding TOKYO BAY, HONSHU ISLAND. Anchored in TOKYO BAY at 1435.

    E. B. WALKER, Jr

    cc: CincPac (1)

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Missing the Surrender Signing on the USS Missouri

    DECLASSIFIED 10/19/98

    Serial 019

U. S. S. BANGUST (DE-739)

    CONFIDENTIAL 1 October 1945.

    From: Commanding Officer.
    To: Commander in Chief., U. S. Fleet.

    Subject: War Diary.

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    Reference: (a) PacFltConf. ltr. 1CL-45, dated 1 January 1945.

    Operating under Commander THIRD FLEET, currently engaged in naval occupation of Tokyo Bay and adjacent areas as ordered by and outlined in Commander THIRD FLEET's Op-Plan 10-45. Immediate superior in command., Commander. C. K. HUTCHISON, U.S.N., ComCortDiv 32, on this vessel.

    1 September 1945:

    Anchored In TOKYO HARBOR, HONSHU ISLAND, JAPAN. Underway at 1441 in compliance with Com Third Fleet's despatch 310821 of August., enroute SAIPAN. as escort with T.U.30.3.5 comprised of ComTransDiv 60, OTC, on GRIMES (APA172), BRAXTON (APA138), LANIER (APA125), MERRIWEATHER (APA203), WAUKESHA (AKA84) and screening vessels KYNE (DE744) and BANGUST carrying screen commander, ComCortDiv 32. At 1700, unit clear of channel and in designated formation. Positions: 2000 34-38 N,- 139-40 E

    2 September 1945:

    Enroute SAIPAN.
    Positions: 0800 32-02 N; 141-02 E 1200 31-12 N; 141-26 E 2000 29-56 N; 142-58 E

    3 September 1945:

    Alongside KYNE at 0917 to pass mail, returned to screening station at 0930.
    Positions: 0800 27-26 N; 144-24 E 1200 26-26 N; 144-27 E 2000 24-34 N; 144-22 E

    4 September 1945:

    At 1900, changed to zone time minus 10.
    Positions: 0800 21-49 N; 144-24 E 1200 20-48 N; 144-18 E 2000 l9-03 N; 144-l8 E

    At 1105 made radar contact on SAIPAN ISLAND, bearing 121 oT, 45 miles. At 1352, commenced screening entrance of heavy ships. All entries completed and BANGUST at anchor in SAIPAN at 1505. Positions: 0800 16-18 N; 144-52 E

    6 September 1945:

    Underway at 0918 to fuel but sudden wind and rain squal necessitated postponement. Underway at 1024 to fuel; fueling completed and at anchor at 1240.

    7 September 1945:

    Underway at 1730 in compliance with orders of Port Director SAIPAN carrying out dictates of Com Third Fleet's 310821 of August, enroute to TOKYO as escort with convoy AW consisting of merchant ships THEODORE FOSTER (convoy commodore) J.P. JONES, IDA TARBELL, and S.H..SHORT and screening vessels KYNE (DE744) and BANGUST carrrying OTC and screen commander, ComCortDiv 32. At 1826 convoy formed and steaming with ruming lights burning full brilliancy per current directives. Positions.- 2000 15-20 N; 145-22 E

    8 September 1945

    Enroute TOKYO HARBOR.
    Positions: 0800 16-32 N; 144-18 E 1200 17-11 N; 144-17 E 2000 18-31 N; 144-22 E

    9 September 1945:

    Enroute TOKYO HARBOR.
    Positions: 0800 20-37 N; 144-32 E 1200 21-13 N; 144-32 E 2000 22-35 N; 144-29 E

    10 September 1945:

    Enroute TOKYO HARBOR.
    Position: 0800 24-37 N; 144-29E 1200 25-24 N; 144-25 E 2000 26-44 N; 144-27E

    11 September 1945:

    At 2400 zone time changed to minus 9.
    positions: 0800 28-43 N; 144-10 E 1200 29-14 N; 143-39 E 2000 30-18 N; 142-46 E

    12 September 1945:

    Enroute TOKYO HARBOR.
    Positions: 0800 32-00 N; 141-12 E 1200 32-39 N; 140-56 E 2000 33-49.5 140-19.2 N; E

    13 September 1945:

    At 0315, sighted 0 SHIMA ISLAND, JAPAN, bearing 310O T distance 15 miles. Anchored in TOKYO HARBOR at 1055, convey dissolved. Having been ordered by Com Third Fleet in his 110607 of September to report to C.T.G. 30.8 for duty reported as ordered by ComCortDiv 32's 112330; designation of T.G. 30.8 now changed to T.G. 16.6. In accordance with C.T.G. 16.6 despatch 120048 of September, BANGUST granted six days at anchor availability for maintenance and repairs.

    14 September 1945:

    After fueling, underway at 1046 to shift berths to YOKOSUKA KO, in accordance with verbal orders of C..T.G. 16.6. Moored starboard side to U.S.S. KYNE at 1140 in YOKOSUKA MO.

    15 - 29 September 1945:

    Moored in YOKOSUKA KO undergoing maintenance, repairs, provisioning, and recreation. At 0000, 20 September, Admiral SPRUANCE relieved Admiral HALSEY of assigned duties as reported in Com Third Fleet 191501, and designation of THIRD FLEET changed to FIFTH FLEET.

    30 September 1945:

    Underway at 1515 to fuel and shift berths in preparation for sortie of Cort Div 32 less LAMONS (DE743), destination PEARL HARBOR for further routing to U.S., as directed by C.T.G. 16.6 despatch 290245 of September carrying out dictates of CincPac's 280459 of September. Completed fueling and at anchor at 1737.

    E. B. Walker. Jr.

    cc: CincPac (1)

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