September 13, 2000



Many thinks to John and Barbara Roulet who hosted this years reunion.
Below is their report of the event. (September 27th)
    Hello Everyone: The USS Bangust DE739 Reunion 2000 is now history...We had fifteen members of the Bangust crew and family for a total of 28 people attending.

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    John & Barbara Bye
    Eddie Capraun

    Pat & Harriette Curtis

    Hank & Elizabeth Davis
    Carl & Dot Francis

    Daniel Fuchs

    Jack & Barbara Hansen
    Norm & Jean Hatt

    Larry & Marion Kovacik

    Robert & Mary Kline
    Bob & Barbara Johnson

    John & Barbara Roulet

    Charles Vonderau
    Martin Wallace

    Michael Preseren & Doris Atkison

    Ray Minchak & Jeannie Roulet Minchak


    Additional crew members not attending the reunion. Taken by Elizabeth Davis, July 2000.

    Ruth Ann & Bill Early
    Betty & Jim McNabb

    Noreen & Donald Pond

    Additional crew members furnished by the indidvidual, a friend or a relative.

    Dorothy & Bob McKnight
    Marion & Jack Maloney
    Gailey & Bill Fairlee

    Someone send us some pictures of the balance of our crew!


    The highlight of our trip to Albany was, of course, the visit to the USS Slater DE 766... Fortunately the Slater is the same class Destroyer Escort as the Bangust ... An lot of things were familiar and a number of things were not that familiar....

    The torpedo tubes had been removed and several guns had been placed on the fantail in that open area used for showing movies...Some of the crews quarters and head areas were configured differently. A number of features were different but that could be due to the fact that the Slater was not built at the Western Pipe and Steel yard in San Pedro,California as was the Bangust......

    In spite of a number of structural differences, it was still a wonderful experience to go aboard and feel rather at home....The Slater people have done a really incredible job of restoration and there is still a lot to be done...

    In the years to come, I believe the move of the USS Slater to it's berth in Albany will prove to be quite advantageous. There is a lot of local support for the project and the ship's presence has certainly generated visitor interest and revenue for the city of Albany..

    The USS Slater is now the headquarters of the Destoryer-Escort Historical Foundation which hopefully will insure the continuing support and publicity needed to complete the restoration of the Slater to her WWII Configuration and to insure her future as an historical property.

    The foundation would welcome any financial support you may wish to give to continue this very worthwhile project and to insure that the invaluable service of Destroyer-Escorts and their crews may not be forgotten...

    Our tours of the city of Albany,the State Capitol, and the information center were most enjoyable... The luncheon cruise on Lake George was a nice change. It's always great fun to get old sailors out on the water even if it isn't the Pacific Ocean.

    The banquet on the final day not only provided delicious food but gave everyone a chance to get feedback on topics of interest to us all.. . The need for the continuation of the Bangust web page and it's financing were discussed but no definite conclusions were reached... More details will be available on the Internet in the future as options are explored. Your suggestions are most welcome by Webmaster Don Pond .

    A certificate of thanks and appreciation, signed by those crew members present, was given to Charles Vonderau for his initial, untiring efforts in making these reunions possible over the past twenty years...

    John and Barbara Bye are planning to host the next reunion in St Petersburg Beach, Florida and I urge you to think seriously about making plans to attend... More information will be available as John and Barbara finalize their plans for 2001.

    On a more personal note, Barbara and I wish to sincerely thank all of you who made the effort to attend the reunion in Albany... It was a wonderful opportunity to meet friends again and to go aboard the USS Slater. I trust that those of you attending found it worthwhile.

    We are looking forward to seeing many of you next year in Florida and send our best wishes for good health and happiness in the coming year...Best Regards ..John

    The 1999 Reunion Picture

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