Back row left to right.
J.H. (Jim) Freeman, Lawrence (Larry) Kovacik, Michael Preseren,
E.C. (Cappy) Capraun. H.E. (Hank) Davis

Front row left to right.
Robert (Bob) Kline, Porter M. Rader, Chavis Pollock, Ernest M. (Ernie) Winders.
Attending but on the Binnacle List when picture was taken: Norman (Norm) Hatt.

Below is a description of the reunion exactly as received from Cappy.
We could use yours also!
    U S S Bangust D E 739

    U. S. S. Bangust  D E 739

    23rd. Reunion Branson Mo.

    17 - 21 Sept  2004


    I arrived at the Lodge of the Ozarks approx. 13 0 p m and was greeted buy Hank and Elizabeth Davis.

    after checking in we  headed next door to Mickey Gilleyís Cafe for a Delicious Taco Salad wow,

    and when we returned to the Lodge they started wandering in. Who you ask none other then that

    great well whatís left  of them the Big   B  crew  well let me tell you this  mate Ernie Winders.

    had some great Gal  and what a job she did. to all who have never met  Nadiene Burford,

    to meet her is to love her. that my dear is from the bottom of my heart and I am sure everyone else.

    i think she was in the Navy because it was a Job Well Done, Thanks  a Million.

    not only did Ernie  put together a nice packet for each in attendance but  he gave each crew member a beautiful Cap with this  inscription .USS Bangust  2004 23 reunion  Branson Mo. with a nice border of our countries Flag. Thanks Ernie .


    Well we did our  chatting about different  happenings of course we needed refreshments.

    Sat. afternoon we went to Mrs. Dolly Partonís Dixie  stampede what a good show and they fed us just like aboard ship. but they at least gave us a wet towel to wash our silver ware . oh did i forget it was

    fingers were made before forks ha ha what a mess and after the show we returned for a drink at the hospitality room again well stocked,

    Sunday was a free day to do your thing  and do we did  well then on Mon. early we gathered for the 

    Buck Trent Show it was a breakfast  another great time but we had a very interesting thing happen at this show . we all remember James Freeman he was a late comer to the Big B  yes he was an Officer .

    well  his daughter  Betsy who has been bringing him and his wife now for several reunions

    was asked to help the Fiddle players out in showing their talent playing at any position. great but when they were done Betsy  took their Fiddle and played the same song they just finished  well Buck Trent came from behind the curtain  ands said I knew it was not one of my gang  she really took them by surprise  quite a gal and of course her Hubby was there also .then we wandered off for a few hours  until the Banquet at 6  it was as always a  nice no a great affair Ernie was M C and her remembered our buddy Pat Curtis who passed away just a week before .the Byes could not get out of Fl.  the Rouletís  Barbra is on Dialysis so they could not make it and the Hansen also not able to travel but they were all missed . and Norm Hatt got sick while he was there so he missed the banquet. Well I am sure you all know that saying good by is never easy who knows who or what will take place during our next year . we have a tentative  place for 2005 Newport Rhode island  Marion Maloney  God Bless her

    I wish Icould tell you of the great shows that we saw  much thanks again to Ernie and Nadiene

    they got so many gift cert. we were able to win as many as 3 free shows or meals again a great time I'm sure  was had by all God Bless you All until we  up Anchor next year  I think the count was 10 Crew but our guest and ladies made it look great 25 total,

    Eddie Capraun AKA  Cappy




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