Now with Pictures below!

    Our first report of the reunion is here!
    Submittted by Ed Capraun.

    Arrived at the Resort about noon on September 12th and of course my old buddy John Bye was there to greet us! John is just one hell of a likable guy, not only by my standards, but I think everyone thinks so. One by one they kept coming in. This is one great bunch of guys, I mean THE GREATEST! There were stories repeated over and again by all. The wonderful ladies take an interest and they are just terrific.

    Thursday we had free to look around and then cocktail's at 5. Our hosts spared nothing, believe me John and Barbara went above and beyond for us. The weather was not so great so we hung out and no matter how many years had passed this bunch of sailors really enjoy being together again.

    Friday we were to go aboard a paddle boat for a dinner cruise but this gal GABRIELLE (almost a hurricane) put the damper on that, but did we fret, NO WAY! We had a lovely gal who worked hard to make sure we partied, open menu, the bar and the works! After we ate we waltzed over to the lounge and got a few drinks. Yep, a couple of us had a few extras too! Dan & Eddie went bezerk and did some Karaoke. We put on a show for the Bangusters. I don't know if we were any good but those babes at the bar gave us cat calls and we ate it up. I must confess I had a ball and so did Dan. Our first number was "King of the Road". We got a call back by popular demand to do "Whip It". Neither of us knew the song which made it really funny! The audience was kind anyway.

    More story telling on Saturday, it seemed there was always something to reminisce about, and then Saturday night the Banquet Room was really done beautifully in Red, White & Blue for us. We got more than the attention any other group would have gotten. Our little Barbara was well know from her working days and they just loved helping her out! A delicious buffet with a wide variety of foods and deserts.

    After a short meeting we wandered back for our final goodbyes. There was a round of applause for our host on Saturday night. The tropical depression did not dampen our spirits and we look forward to reunion #21 in New Hampshire, God willing.

    Jack Vince & Mary of Florida arrive late but got there safely! Many were stranded at airports across the country and couldn't get there due to the crisis in New York. Those who tried but didn't make it were: Hank & Elizabeth Davis, Gerald & Betty Dickinson, Jack & Barbara Johnson, Charvis and Iree Pollock.

    Those attending: John & Barbara Bye, host and hostess; Edward Capraun; Daryl & Jean Dugan and their daughter Marcia Knight; Carl & Dot Francis; James and Avis Freeman and daughter Betsy Frasure (Jim was a late, on board officer); Dan Fuchs and his son & daughter-in-law (Dan is a party all by himself!); Norm & Jean Hatt; Mike Presern & Doris Atkeson; John & Barbara Roulet; and Charles Vonderau & Vicky Rogge. We missed those who could not attend.

    Sunday morning the room was opened at six for early coffee and Dunkin Doughnuts and final good-byes.....until we meet again!

    Thanks to Norm Hatt for the pictures.


    Jane and Daryl Dugan


    Dot and Carl Francis


    Barbara and John Bye


    Ed Capraun and Dan Fuchs


    Barbara and John Roulet


    Mike Preseren and Doris


    Jack and Mary Vince


    Jim and Avis Freeman

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