USS Bangust DE 739

The Mighty B" as remembered and built by: Neal O. Sides
Story below..........



    After joining the DESA association Neal Sides offered to build a replica of the Bangust. It is over thirteen feet long and weighs over three hundred pounds. In order to keep the cost down it was built out of old washing machines and refrigerators gathered from the local recycling center, the thicker parts forming the framework and the thinner forming the skin. The replica was built from blueprint of a ship of that class on a four to one scale. Dimensions were transferred from the print to the model by the use of a compass all fabrication (cutting, bending, welding, soldering, etc) was performed by Neal Sides in his shop at home. It was a Labor of love that took one year to complete. Upon completion it was loaded up and delivered to the yearly convention of the Carolina Chapter of the DESA Society in Charleston South Carolina. As luck would have it, the convention was held on the second story of the hotel. Neal came up the stairs and told some of the more healthy men there “ Boys I think I’m going to need some help”. It took six men to carry the ship up the stairs. Neal donated the ship to the DESA Society, they had a trailer built for it and bought a sound system so that they could show it in parades. Neal Sides now lives in Aiken S.C. his health does not allow him to be active in DESA but still looks back proudly to his service to his country on the USS Bangust. This story comes from conversations I have had with my Father.

    If anyone would like to contact Neal Sides I will relay any messages. Send to:

    Greg Sides

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