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The Sponsors Plate

    This sterling silver sponsors plate was affixed to the mast at boat deck level on or about the time the Bangust was launched in San Pedro, California. It remained there until "liberated" just before the ship went into reserve fleet status and decommissioning at Green Cove Springs, Florida in November 1946. The ship is long gone* however this plate, now mounted on a teak plaque, will attend future reunions of the ships crew.

    Traditionally, a family member of the ships namesake is asked to serve as sponsor at the launching. Wartime travel restrictions prohibited Joseph Bangust's Mother from making the trip from Milwaukee, Wisconsin so an alternate sponsor had the honor of breaking the traditional bottle against the bow to initiate the launch.

    In February 1952 the Bangust was removed from reserve fleet status, modernized, and loaned or sold to the government of Peru under some kind of mutual assistance treaty where she became the BAP Castilla with bow number 61. Modernization included replacement of the torpedo tubes with two additional twin 40mm guns w/radar directors, addition of two twin 20mm guns and replacement of the original single 20 mms guns with new twin 20mm gun mounts. The rangefinder was moved forward to allow installation of a radar main battery director. Surface and Air Search radars were upgraded as was the Sonar suite. A picture of the modernized ship is shown elsewhere on this website.

    At last authenticated report in April 1981 it had moved from the Pacific Coast of Peru through the Panama Canal and up the Amazon River to the Teniente Clavero Naval Base in Iquitos, Peru where she became a berthing and training ship for the Amazon Naval Force. More recent scuttlebutt is that it has been dismasted and is now little more than a hull or berthing barge.

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