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    Sailors who served on the U S S Bangust for the entire 646 day Pacific deployment (Jan '44 through Nov '45) are entitled, in fact required when in dress Uniform, to wear the four U. S. medals & campaign bars and one Philippine medal & campaign bar overlain on this Bangust Odyssey Chart.

    They are also required to wear the Presidential Unit Citation medal & campaign bar - not shown - which was issued by the Philippine Government. Additionally, Bangust sailors are required to wear one engagement star on the Philippine Liberation campaign bar and nine engagement stars (one silver & four bronze) on the Asiatic Pacific campaign bar. Total = ten engagement stars.

    The four U.S. Medals are: National Defense Service Medal; American Campaign Medal; Asiatic Pacific Campaign Medal and World War 11 Victory Medal. The two Medals issued by the Philippine Government are: Philippines Liberation and Presidential Unit Citation. Source BuPers Ltr dtd 10/92

    Ironically, although there were Good Conduct Medals worn by the very few regular Navy sailors aboard, there was not one amongst the navy reserve sailors who made up 90% + of the crew. Why? - Because we enlisted, trained, manned a warship, took a war to the enemy, came home victorious and were honorably discharged - all in less than the four years it took to be considered for the Good Conduct Medal. Most of us in less than three years

    HeD 8/00


    This article appeared in the November/December 2000 issue of the DESA News.

    Would you Believe it: 51 Battle stars? 629 (646 is correct) days from the USA?

    During the Albany convention, I talked to my friend Joe Deissfer, USS WATERMAN DE 740. He asked if I knew which Destroyer-Escort Division Earned the most battle stars. I've known Joe for a long time and consider him to be a very astute person. However, when he told me about the action record of Destroyer-Escort Division 32, I found myself wondering about his memory. I've heard that persons in our age group suffer "senior moments" every so often; I think I've had one or two. I also know the older we get the more battle stars we remember our ships earning. So, when Joe told me Cort Div 32 earned 51 battle stars, I did a double take. Ships in the Division were USS BANGUST DE 739 (eleven battle stars), USS WATERMAN DE 740 (eight battle stars), USS WEAVER DE 741 (nine battle stars), USS HILBERT DE 742 (eight battle stars), USS LAMONS DE 743 (nine battle stars) and USS KYNE DE 744 (six battle stars). I went to the records and checked. He is right. His Division earned 51 battle stars. Now here is another one for you. A while back, I heard from Henry Davis and he too presented me with a question. Henry served on USS BANGUST DE 739. He feels his ship may hold the record for the longest deployment away from the United States. USS BANGUST recorded a continuous time away from the U.S. of 629 (646) days.

    Now for the questions. Can any other Destroyer Escort Division equal or better the record of 51 battle stars? Did any other DE or APD stay away from the U.S. as long or longer than 629 (646) days? Joe and Henry are waiting to hear from their DESA shipmates. Until they do, the records belong to them and their ships.


    (end of DESA article)

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