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    Bangust Photos and info (New listing on Novemebr 17, 2002)

    Charlotte's Bangust Pictures
    Disaster at Honda Point
    Don's Home Page

    Naval Warship Photos
    Navy Memorial Pages
    Sailors Lingo

    USS Conklin DE 439
    USS Gillette DE 681
    USS Slater DE 766

    USS Caron DD 970
    USS Cole DDG 67 Terrorist attack pictures!
    USS Holt DE 706 (New listing on September 7th 2002)

    Pacific Naval Battles WWII
    The National WWII Memorial Page
    Vickers Vietnam Memorial Page

    Ship Dictionary-Bangust
    USS McNair DD 679 (My Navy Days)
    Shellback Page

    Battleships, Carriers and all Other Warships (USS Bangust DE 739) and more!
    Ships of the US Navy 1940-1945 (USS Bangust DE 739) and many more!

    Destroyer Escort Links
    George E. Davis DE-357 Website.

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