Bangust Sailors Diaries


    Diary of Donald R. Pond
    Diary of John Roulet
    Diary of Charles Vonderau
    Diary of Edward Capraun

    Diary of Donald R. Pond taken from hand written notes in 1991, exactly as written during WWII.
    USS Bangust from August 21 1944 until September 19 1945


    Donald R Pond USNR 565 65 36
    Sworn in November 1st 1943. Los Angeles. California (17 years)

    Boot Camp and Quartermaster School, San Diego, California. Assigned to USS Bangust (DE 739) August 21 1944 (18 years) Quartermaster of the watch for general quarters, special sea detail, (watch sections when underway). Watch section in port was on the Signal Bridge, as log went to quarterdeck.

    June 1 1944
    Left USA aboard USS Franklin (CV 13) for Pearl Harbor. Last glimpse of States about 1800. In company 3 Destroyers and USS Denver. Total passengers aboard approx. 1500 men plus crew of 2000. Good chow and sleeping facilities for so many men. Were given cots and put them any place we could find room for them in the hanger deck. Entire deck was packed. Naturally the hanger deck, plus the flight deck was loaded with planes, F6F's, F4F's, F4U's, TBF's. One night we slept topside under a TBF with just our life jackets. It was really hard to get to sleep because the moon was shining full and through the large cumulus clouds it made us all homesick already. Looking at the wake of the ship and wondering when we would return. One day we heard firing and ran topside. They were having target practice and shooting at target sleeves. Excellent gunnery aboard this ship. They had Marine gunners which we took for passengers as we were. You weren't allowed topside unless you had helmets, so we swiped a couple and watched the firing. About the third day out we had a steering casualty and the rudder was caught in the hard over position and we turned completely around, 180 degrees. The first sensation, before we knew what it was, was that we were going back, hallelujah.

    June 5 1944
    I think today was the day we arrived in Pearl, 5th or 6th. Entered harbor about 1530. Was very peeved when we had to dig to the bottom of sea bags and put on "whites". After a typical Navy job we were put into LCT's about 2200. Then taken for a long ride to arrive at fleet landing. Put aboard trucks after sitting around cussing. Taken to Aeia and finally hit our sacks about 0430. Reveille at 0600.

    Stayed around here some time. Went on working parties. Had ball games every day along with the daily rain. Good chow. Could have had liberty illegally if we had money. We all were flat! Had to go see the Chaplain to even get soap. Shaving cream etc. Haunted the post office for mail. Finally got a letter almost the last day. Read in the paper about Saipan, which meant nothing at all to us.

    June 17 1944
    Aboard USS Patuxent (AO 44). They had to rig a "tent" on the cargo deck for us. It was pretty nice sleeping. We were on our way to the Marshalls according to the scuttlebutt. The escorts had several submarine contacts. Once we were dead in the water 15 hours. Destroyers came alongside to fuel. One DE that came alongside cracked up and put a hole in their hull.

    June 13 1944
    Rendezvoused with several oilers and saw first glimpse of entire fleet fueling.

    June 15 1944
    Arrived at Saipan, anchored between Tinian & Saipan. Upon entering harbor passed several bodies, four or five. The first was sickening, to see a dead person floating on the water bloated like a balloon. Then the thought came that they were Japs and remembered what they did and that we were here for a purpose. Ran from port to stb'd to port again watching them go by. Shore batteries on Saipan were shelling Tinian, watched the shell bursts and reconnaissance planes. Watched them load about 50 captured Jap zeros aboard a CVE. The island itself was a pretty site and later as we departed aboard the Cape Cod, an Army transport, fires were burning all over the island. Upon leaving we passed through the same "sea of floating bodies". Only this time there were more. Several brushed our bow and washed by our wakes. Saw one child not over 3 yrs.

    July 18 1944
    Arrived at Eniwetok, our first glimpse of an Atoll. One of the ships hit the Coral Reefs as we entered. Stayed aboard several days, had movies and went swimming over the side.

    July,20 1944
    Transferred to USS Antona(IX 133), our first experience with a Chief Boatswain. Really put us to work slaving in the holds on oil drums and on deck passing ammunition from destroyers alongside. Anxiously awaited a ship. Best chow in the Navy but we had to sleep topside and got soaked every night.

    August 15 1944
    Finally got paid, first since first of May.

    August 19 1944
    Transferred to Piedmont for further transfer to fleet.

    August 21 1944
    Assigned aboard USS Bangust(DE 739) with three others. Alongside USS Oahu(ARG 5)

    August 26 1944
    Departed Eniwetok for Manus.

    August 29 1944
    Making all preparations for crossing the equator. King Neptune and his company came aboard, charged us all with being pollywogs.

    August 30 1944
    Crossed equator at 154 degrees 11 minutes east. Initiated into the Shellbacks but good!

    September 1 1944
    Arrived Seadler Harbor, Manus, Admiralty Islands. Arrived about 1900. Island was lighted like a city.

    September 2 1944
    Fueled, natives came out to ship to trade. Had beach parties on Ra Ra. Saw Limeys playing cricket. Couldn't see it myself.

    September 11 1944
    Underway to sea to get two oilers that collided.

    September 15 1944
    Arrived at Manus.

    September 18 1944
    Underway for fueling area around Palau near Phillipines. Taking extra precautions for air attacks.

    October 1 1944
    Arrived Manus, sound gear inoperative.

    October 6 1944
    In dry dock, scraped bottom.

    October 10 1944
    Departed Manus for Palau.

    October 14 1944
    Arrived Babelthaup, Jap held island. Dive bombers bombing Jap lighthouse. Hundreds of PT boats in harbor. Oiler we brought up ran aground. USS Wadleigh(DD 689) hit mine in harbor. Japanese bomber around. GQ. Tadman with tommy gun on bridge.

    October 21 1944
    Arrived Manus island, next operation Phillipines, fleet to operate from Ulithi.

    October 25 1944
    Departed Manus. Sea rough, raining. With Jason(ARH 1) and (AE )

    October 29 1944
    Arrived Ulithi. All ships standing by to get underway. Storm warning.

    November 8 1944 (19 years today)
    Typhoon at peak, sea in port very rough. USS Hector(AR 7) & USS Houston(CL 81) went to southern anchorage.

    November 12 1944
    Departed for fueling area east of Luzon and Mindanao. Fueled fleet.

    November 24 1944
    Arrived Ulithi. While away Japanese two man sub got into harbor and sank USS Mississinewa(AO 59). Escorts tore around harbor dropping charges.

    December 10 1944
    Underway for fueling area, four or so hours after departure sound gear gave out. Was ordered to return to Ulithi and called a "Six Hour DE".

    December 11 1944
    Arrived Ulithi, repaired sound gear.

    December 12 1944
    Underway for fueling area.

    December 17-18 1944
    While fueling fleet caught in typhoon, seas rolling heavily with waves 40 to 50 feet, winds to 120 knots. Ship rolling steadily from 50-60 to 70 degrees. Lowest barometer reading 28.98. Extreme difficulty in getting out of trough of sea and changing course.

    December 21 1944
    Storm passed entirely. Commenced search with CVE and another DE for survivors of Hull, Spence, and Monaghan, previously operating with us. Not more than 50-60 men saved from all three ships.

    December 22 1944
    Snooped by Japanese airplane. Destroyer opened fire, planes gave chase. He got away, transmitted message to base saying two CVE's and four Destroyers heading for Phillipines, that was us.

    December 24 1944
    Returning to Ulithi. One plane failed to return to carrier, searched for him all afternoon. Sang carols on fantail and over PA system

    December 25 1944
    Arrived Ulithi, fueled, MacNish took boat to Officers club. Finally got mail about 1700.

    December 30 1944
    Went alongside Dixie

    December 31 1944
    Had show on fantail after the movies. Ice cream and cookies. Still alongside Dixie, kidded with Exec on Dixie who was higher than a kite.

    January 3 1945
    Underway for fueling area, fired in afternoon.

    January 5 1945
    Escorting oiler to Ulithi, arrived and fueled from (AO 20)

    January 6 1945
    Underway at 1505 with oilers, raining.

    January 13 1945
    Orders to Leyte with oilers and CVE"S, MacNish worried about Japs. Orders to China Sea tonight.

    January 14 1945
    Our first glimpse of Phillipines, sighted, Samar. Leyte, Mindanoa and other small islands. Entered Leyte Gulf where not so long ago they held the Japs sea thrust, where the Princeton and St. Lo. were sunk. Doubled all watches and all hands ordered to wear life belts. Air support from P47's expected soon. Destroyer and 5" DE had a sub trapped and got oil slicks, dropped several charges. Islands are really beautiful and sailing through these waters is really marvelous. In peace it would be nicer, very romantic. Passed through Leyte Gulf & Samar which still have guerrillas. In evening passed native in canoe. He stood up and smiled and waved As we passed. At first he was suspected as being a Jap, but wasn't. Saw villages and Churches, a few natives on the shore, very colorful. We were informed that we were the first 3rd Fleet unit through this route and are pretty much on edge. Most everyone sleeping topside.

    January 15 1945
    Corsair fighters dive bombing Panay today, air fields. Must have been the Japs fuel supply. Saw billows of smoke and leaping flames. Last night the Kyne reported torpedo wakes across their bow, 6 of them. MacNish reported to the OTC that two of them hit us, duds of course. Heard two explosions on the beach. Mr. Yerza had watch last night and about midnight he about ran down this native in a canoe who let out a blood curdling yell. Missed him by inches. Had the mid and shortly after I got on watch we had GQ, planes bombing Mindoro, the lower portion that belongs to us. Guess they didn't know we were around because we would have been a much better haul.

    January 16 1945
    Entered China Sea, 75 miles from Manila, traded full for empties and started back. Saw several Black Widows and C47's today going to Luzon to support invasion I presume.

    January 17 1945
    Ordered to go alongside tankers to pick up five Chinese survivors to deliver to Leyte before arriving there.

    January 18 1945
    Picked up Chinese. They looked like little monkeys when they were being transfered in the passing bag. Upon leaving the oiler they placed their hands before their chests in a prayful manner and bowed to everyone, and same when they came aboard. They had lost their fishing vessel off China, below Formosa, and lived in Amoy, China. Entered harbor today, quite a number of ships here, mostly escort and patrol craft. Army planes of all sorts continually in the air, never have seen so many up at at one time. Fueled from AO 47 and while alongside the natives came to trade. I counted about 15 canoes around the stern of our ship at one time. The "babes" aren't bad looking. They speak English fairly well.

    January 19 1945
    More natives around ship. Had one on board who had killed several Japanese and had their ID cards to show. The Japanese told the natives that they would have practice bombing on some of the other islands. That was when the Navy commenced its bombardment. GQ at 2100, enemy planes in vicinity. GQ again at 2300, nice these Japs.

    January 20 1945
    More natives around the ship. Traded a few items. Some nice looking chicks around. This one in red kept making eyes at me from canoe when I was on Signal Bridge. Some of the guys went over the side but the natives didn't like that too well.

    January 21 1945
    Received orders to go to sea with oilers, departed at 1300

    January 22 1945
    Orders to Ulithi and our Division is to report to Eniwetok by Feb 5. Scuttlebutt is we are going to states.

    January 25 1945
    PBM not using identification procedure flew directly over us. He was about shot down by our planes and was reported by the OTC. One of the oiler Captains swore he saw Jap planes and over TBS said "They're diving at us"! Learned that Leyte was bombed twice while we were there. Arrived Ulithi. Next operation Iwo-Jima.

    February 1 1945
    Com Cort Div 32 reported to Bangust with enlisted staff. MacNish received orders to COM SER RON 12. At last maybe we'll get rid of him.

    February 8 1945
    Underway with Detroit and oilers. Invasion to be 19th.

    February 12 1945
    Joined by other ships today. Total 42 ships.

    February 13 1945
    Fueled fleet today, saw USS Guam and USS Alaska, battle cruisers, for the first time.

    February 14 1945
    Fleet stayed with us all night. Plane reported Jap schooner and Silverstein investigated. Captured 5 japanese Army men and documents. Quite a few mines around. Stationed a bow lookout. Mines and DE's don't mix.

    February 16 1945
    Raids on Tokyo began today.

    February 17 1945
    Patuxent(AO 44) had explosion in forward magazine. One man killed. Waterman went alongside to put out fire.

    February 19 1945
    Fueled fleet today. Invasion began this morning.

    February 20 1945
    Orders to Ulithi with oilers. OTC reported that three snooper planes were intercepting our TBS transmissions.

    February 23 1945
    Sighted Ulithi, oilers came out. Did a Corpen Queen and are going back to sea.

    February 26 1945
    Our division not included in next operation. Scuttlebutt is States.

    March 4 1945
    Arrived Ulithi, southern anchorage. Orders to Alaska.

    March 11 1945
    GQ about 2100. Jap planes. One hit a CVE another an island.

    March 12 1945
    Orders to Alaska cancelled.

    March 14 1945
    Alongside Praire.

    March 16 1945
    MacNish finally transfered. Relieved by Lt. Walker. Seems like he will be a good "joe".

    March 25 1945
    Underway with oilers. Okinawa this time.

    March 26 1945
    Japs claimed they sank four carriers at Ulithi March 11th.

    April 1 1945
    Invasion of Okinawa began today. Fueling of TF58 cancelled due to rough seas.

    April 3 1945
    Still rough. Escorts ahead exploded mine. Quite a number around.

    April 4 1945
    Fueling TF58. Sea still rough.

    April 5 1945
    Detached for TF30.8. proceeding to Ulithi. About 2000 convoy of an LST and a AVD as escort came through our convoy. The LST carrying high explosives got through but the Thornton (AVD 11) collided with two oilers. All oilers turned on running lights. Several persons off Thornton fell into water. Wells was sent to pick them up.

    April 8 1945
    Arrived Ulithi about 1100. Anchored in northern anchorage. Began painting ship in accordance new camouflage plan.

    April 11 1945
    GQ at 1200, nothing. Early, QM transferred.

    April 15 1945
    Five minutes silence for late President Roosevelt after colors. Underway to Southern Anchorage.

    April 16 1945
    Underway before dawn at 0545 for fueling area. Sugar Love Radar out.

    April 19 1945
    Joined TF 50.8 passed mail all day. Several mines sank. News of Ernie Pyle killed on Ie Shima.

    April 22 1945
    Fueled TF 59.1 today.

    April 25 1945
    Still fueling fleet. Sighted mine and went to sink it. Was in path of Shangri La our newest carrier.

    April 25 1945
    Comfort, hospital ship dive bombed by Japs near Okinawa.

    April 30 1945
    Passed mail all day.

    May 1 1945
    Fueling TF 58.

    May 3 1945
    QM transferred to Bouganville today. Appendicitis.

    May 6 1945
    Fueled, passed mail.

    May 7 1945
    Passed officers and mail all day. Underway to Guam.

    May 8 1945
    Alongside CVE92. VE day today.

    May 10 1945
    Sighted Guam. Commenced entry. Number of merchant ships mulling around outside entrance. Fueled from beach. Moored to merchant ship. Found that Tracy's ship had gone, had not returned. Talked with Lopez by light.

    May 16 1945
    Alongside DM 32, 2200 tin can hit by suicides at Okinawa. 107 casualties. Bow up to 2nd turret blown completely off.

    May 20 1945
    Preseren QM transferred to stateside. Mc Allister back on board. Underway for sea today.

    June 1 1945
    Was on way to Pearl with Franklin and Denver. Franklin shot up badly, in Brooklyn now. In charge of two merchant ships, skuttlebutt is on way to Okinawa.

    June 4 1945
    Storm warning out. Commenced to run from storm. In late evening began fueling fleet again.-

    June 5 1945
    About midnight the barometer began falling steadily and storm center getting closer, winds increasing until about 0455 it reached its full fury with winds around 90 knots and seas 30 - 40 Feet. The barometer reached its lowest point at that time (28.38). At 0500 the barometer leveled off and commenced its upward trend. Storm center passed nearby and gradually subsided until at 1000 the sun was shining brightly. The sea still quite rough but the ships that were scattered are gradually rejoining and taking their places. No report of ships lost, a few banged up badly. Several men washed overboard from various ships, some picked up. CVE's lost quite a number of planes, pushing them overboard like empty boxes. This storm didn't seem as bad as the other, maybe because it was our second and didn't last quite as long. Ships paintwork faired badly but otherwise nothing, depth charges loose on fantail, lost GI cans.

    June 6 1945
    Fueled fleet again.

    June 7 1945
    Started back to Guam.

    June 10 1945
    Arrived Guam today. Found Pittsburg and Duluth badly damaged by typhoon. Pittsburg lost 163 feet of bow.

    June 17 1945
    On signal bridge about 0800 and looked up and there was Routly's ship. I hardly believed it. Got permission to go over and spent all day with him. Special boat back to ship.

    June 23 1945
    Underway at 0630 for Saipan. Arrived at 1500 no strain. Found Whitewells ship to be in.

    June 24 1945
    Spent all day with Whitewell on Hector. On way back saw Korf. Liberty (recreational parties) almost everyday.

    July 4 1945
    Underway for sea. This operation to be carrier strikes against Japan and bombardments.

    July 5 1945
    Joined with fueling group 30.8

    July 7 1945
    Air attack drill today. TBF's simulated Japanese Kamikazi attacks.

    July 8 1945
    TF 38 joined for fueling directly east of Okinawa. Damn early GQ these days. This morning at 0330.

    July 14 1945
    Daylight bombardment of Japan began today. Seas rough by winds.

    July 17 1945
    Passed mail all day. Anzio with us. Sent pvt to Lewellen. They sank sub not far from us (36n-152e)

    July 18 1945
    Started back to Ulithi

    July 23 1945
    Arrived Ulithi, fueled, received mail. Orders to leave the 25th.

    July 25 1945
    Underway for fueling area, what a life.

    July 29 1945
    Rendezvoused with 30.8 today, fueled. While alongside missed mine by about 50 feet. Tug passing astern about hit it. They were supposed to be sinking it. Limeys in vicinity sound like queers on TBS.

    July 30 1945
    Saw British fleet nearby today. Nice looking DD's.

    August 1 1945
    Fueled fleet today.

    August 3 1945
    Still fueling fleet off Japan.

    August 4 1945
    Formed fueling group to fuel fleet north east of Tokyo.

    August 5 1945
    Japanese hospital ship reported in vicinity taking survivors from Wake Island who had gotten so low on food they ate Gooney birds.

    August 6 1945
    Steaming to meet and fuel fleet tomorrow.

    August 7 1945
    Fueled fleet in morning, ourselves in afternoon. Porpoise in school keeping up with us off starboard beam. They really leap out of the water.

    August 8 1945
    Atomic bomb used on Hiroshima

    August 10 1945
    Typhoon warning out. USS Borie (DD 704) hit by suicide planes during air attack on fleet.

    August 11 1945
    Alongside Kyne to transfer "Doc"

    August 12 1945
    Fueled heading directly for storm center.

    Japanese surrender rejected, only if we have say as to emperors usage, and not to harm him.

    August 14 1945
    Fueling fleet, also British.

    August 15 1945
    Fueled today, bogie in to 10 miles snooping our position. Our position reported to Tokyo. Expect an air attack this evening.

    At 0900 President Truman announced verbal receipt of surrender terms by Japanese.

    At 1100 orders given to both sides to cease fire. At 1300 Japanese effect Kamikazie attack on fleet 138 miles from us.

    MacArthur designated to make & sign peace negotiations. Expected it to be Halsey or Nimitz. Indianapolis reported lost with 100% casualties.

    August 16 1945
    DM's LSD's and LSV's joined today preparatory to going to Tokyo. We are assigned with Kyne (DE 744) Waterman (DE 740) and Weaver (DE 741) to operations in and around Tokyo Bay area.

    August 17 1945
    Japs reported they attacked 10 transports off Shikokus. Honorable mistake.

    August 18 1945
    Fueling fleet. MacArthur says quit stalling to Japs.

    August 19 1945
    Fueling fleet. Japs on way landed at Ie Shima at 1300.

    August 20 1945
    Japs reported at Manila making peace. Orders from CTG 30.8 to form special unit. May be Tokyo deal after all. Fueling fleet. Assigned to TG 35.80 with tenders, hospital ships, tugs & destroyer escorts. Fueled and went alongside Detroit (C l8) Pasadena (C l65) Brotius (AS 19) Tamalpais (AO 95) several DE's in division to deliver op order. Bangust, Waterman, Kyne, Lamons only DE's assigned. Sank mine on way to Pasadena. Picked up orders to Tokyo, even have berthing assignment.

    August 21 1945
    Today was quite the busy day, USS Colton (DDS 69) came alongside to deliver mail about 0730. Then we delivered mail. First to Wenatchee (ATF 118), Proteus (AS 19), Benevolence (AH 13). We were very disappointed in only seeing one nurse. Then to Guenlet (ASR 10) Martobe (ATG 105). Alongside Tranquility (AH 14). There was about twelve nurses on boat deck, most of them pretty good looking too. Somehow we hit the side of AH, our fantail swung in. Next to Tjitjalingka (HS 3) a Dutch hospital ship. Didn't see nurses there. Everyone wore white clothes, shorts and long socks. Then to Delta(AR 9), then to Piedmont (AD 17), to Tamalpias (AO 95), then to Waterman (DE 740), then to Weaver (DE 741) and to Kyne (DE 744) where we ran into their side and ruined there m-whale boat and boat davits. No harm to us except a few more dents. There is a storm approaching our convoy. We are all formed now except an LST and an ALR.

    August 22 1945
    LST and AGC 4 joined during night. Went alongside Ancon (AGC 4) to pass mail. Sea rough, typhoon in vicinity. Several seaplane tenders joined. Expect to arrive Tokyo Fri. or Sat. Macarthur to go Monday.

    August 23 1945
    Still waiting for orders to Tokyo. Storm has passed. Went alongside USS Hamlin (AV 15) to pass OP folder. Kyne left to rendezvoused with USS Iowa (BB 61) at noon. 32.30n, 114.45e. AVP sank mine today. Drifted past hospital ships. USS Rescue (AH 18) joined last night. Weaver rejoined this evening. The LST and the ALR collided so the ALR went back to Saipan.

    August 24 1945
    Steaming as before on courses 090-270 waiting for time to leave for Tokyo. Will arrive Tuesday with Missouri etc. Kyne returned with two YMS's. Typhoon warning out again. Twelve U.S. subs to go alongside Proteus upon arrival.

    August 25 1945
    Kyne (DE 744) detached to deliver mail to TG 30.8. Teton (AGC 14) and two PCE's (848) and (849) joined up. Still on same two courses, news says Macarthur delayed two days. That means Thursday. We may not go in Thursday as planned. Originally it was L-2, Sunday. Typhoon nearby, seas getting rough and winds increasing. Rolls of 45-50 degrees this afternoon. Saw movies, Ray Eberly and Helen O'connell sang Star Eyes. Still can't write letters until this affair is settled. Today makes one month continuous at sea and no mail, also 50 days at sea with only time in port to fuel.

    August 26 1945
    Seaplane tenders detached. Bowie (DD 564) joined and delivered mail. There was a list of all ships operating in Tokyo waters today, Bangust among them. Can write now saying we've been here for last sixty days and that we are in the initial occupation force. We are on our way now to Tokyo, will arrive Tuesday, Macarthur to arrive Thursday with all troops. Hope we anchor near Missouri. Typhoon past. Getting calmer.

    August 27 1945
    Alongside LST to pass mail. On our way to Pt. Priest. Course 300. Waterman rejoined with 4 LST's and one LSM. 1300 held small arms practice for sentry watches. 1420 Weaver designated to go to Proteus and pick up prize sub crew to take Jap sub. 1505 Bangust designated to pick up crew and go after sub at 37.30n-145.00e. Went back to get crew. They came over in motor launch and we were dead in the water, swells were quite large. 6 officers and about 40 men came aboard. 1620 on our way to meet sub on course 352 at 18 knots. 2000 34.35n - 141.37e.

    August 28 1945
    At 0255 this morning had radar contact Japan, Honshu island. 0535 changed course to 288. Heading directly for land, sighted land at 0550 near tower of Ghioya Honshu @ 42 miles. At 0648 changed course to 184, came in to 100 fathom curve. All inside of that is heavily mined, land is 17 miles away, looking for sub on various courses. Talked by radio with plane who is circling over Shioya on patrol. 0800 position 37.07.6n-141.28.8e steaming on course 188 until 1200, 36.03n-141.21e changed course to 192 at 19 knots. Sighted several planes and island of Honshu, in sight most of the time. 1600 made radar contact and TBS with Murray (DD 576) who is with sub. At 1605 sighted sub and Murray at 15 miles bearing 180. Made our approach and at 1640 we were at GQ and dead in the water, lowered motor whale boat and took "prize crew" to sub and brought the Japs back on board. They didn't look any too sad about their capture. At 2015 we were underway. Lat 34.5.7n-140.49e on course 247 at 9 knots. 2250 made contact with Weaver and her submarine. About 2345 passed Katsuura.

    August 29 1945
    0418 general quarters. At 0520 sighted Honshu again. At 0550 on course 304 sighted Fujiyama high above the clouds about 60 miles distant bearing 309. At 0640 came to course 285 and at 0700 passed 0 Shima abeam at 8 miles to port. 0730 went alongside Frank Knox to receive charts, at 0740 changed course to 352. 0800 passed Suno Saki abeam to starboard distance 15 miles and entered Sagami Nada (sea). 0845 passed Joga Shima (island) on beam at 9 miles, entered Sagami Wan (bay). Islands are quite beautiful with clouds around mountains and ships of the British and American fleets riding at anchor. Only a very few ships have arrived so far and only DE's from our division. The subs I-400 and the I-14, the two largest in the world tied up to Proteus (AS 19). *These subs carry one aircraft and have a large catapult on the forward part of the ship. They carry a crew of about 120-150 men with 8 tubes and displacing 5000 tons. They are equipped to operate by diesel under water. To take these to Pearl would require two prize crews or about 90-100 men. They are to be sent to Pearl Harbor as soon as practicable. Maybe Bangust will escort (ha-ha).

    *(Read the sea story by Hank Davis regarding correct armament and details.)

    At 1300 finally anchored and transferred Japs about 2000 yds from shore. Saw the city of Katus! And trolley cars, busses, autos, pagodas, houses, a regular small town such as Huntington Beach. Would like to get ashore. The Missouri is in Tokyo bay about 15 miles from where we are. We may later go into Tokyo kaiwan. Movies on fantail already. Guess they are not expecting Japs to play dirty.

    Mail today - 40 bags. 23 letters for Pond.

    August 30 1945
    Underway to fuel today from Mirsima (AO 83). Can see Fujiyama fairly well. Back to same anchorage.

    August 31 1945
    Underway at 0430 to provision. Left for Tokyo Bay about 1045 after finally receiving message, our orders.

    Anchored about 2500 yds from Missouri, will be able to see crowd on fo'csle when the peace is signed. About 5 miles from Yokohama and 10 to Tokyo, not far from Yokosuka Naval Base. Overcast today, cannot see much of islands.

    September 1 1945
    Raining all day, orders to Saipan at 1500, on way out saw Japanese BB and DD and other small craft. Saw their harbor installation, also Yokohama.

    September 2 1945
    Raining this morning, enroute Saipan W/4 APA's & 1 AKA. Peace signed on Missouri. We "had" a front seat.

    September 4 1945
    Received an order for all censoring to cease. Will the officers ears be burning, wow' arrive Saipan tomorrow.

    September 5 1945
    Arrived Saipan about 1300. Had the morning watch.

    September 6 1945
    Talked to Smith by light on the Bagley.

    September 7 1945
    List of ships staying out here. Bangust not listed. Underway for Tokyo with running lights and movies on the fantail.

    September 12 1945
    Bangust assigned to oiler group again.

    September 13 1945
    Arrived Tokyo again, many more ships in this time including carriers, oilers, everything. Mail today. Damn cold this night.

    September 14 1945
    Fueled this morning from AO 52 then moved into Yokosuka Ko, the Japanese naval base here at Tokyo. There are quite a few Japanese vessels here, one new DD and some APD's. A transport, a big battleship which is all bombed and strafed. Quite a few suicide boats and two man subs. Many small craft, tugs and harbor boats. Anchored real near the shore and we can see the houses and people working in their yards. Going over to APD's tonight.

    September 15 1945
    Last night went over to APD's and bummed around. Brought back a Jap sailing directions book. Everything smells and things are all cheaper than ours. Living conditions on these ships must be pretty bad. Some of the guys brought everything back. Lines, fenders, chairs, everything you can think of. Rowed over in a Japanese boat this afternoon, all around the harbor. Went aboard some PT's, tugs, and other small craft. Working on a boat to bring back to ship. Some of the guys went on liberty, brought back a few things. Am planning on going tomorrow.

    September 19 1945
    Went ashore over to midget sub factory, fooled around inside two and one man subs.


    This is where note keeping stopped for reasons not apparent. War was over and orders were forthcoming to return to Stateside. That is what we all had been waiting for. (DRP 1991)

    That is my notes from my Navy days. Of course it was illegal to keep any kind of diary. I hope you enjoy the above details. I know many things were left out. These were the ones that were important to me at the time. (Donald Pond March 12 1999)

    To the Top

Diary of John Roulet RM1c. Scanned and Uploaded to the Bangust Pages in April 1999. (drp)

USS Bangust DE 739...............ComCortDiv 32

    October 29/43
    Arrived aboard USS Bangust docked in San Pedro Lumber Yard.

    October 30/43
    Cormnissioning at 11.30. Charles F. MacNish Commanding Officer, Lloyd L Keesling Executive Officer, Roland Groff Commander Escort Division 32 on board.

    October 30 to November 17/43
    Fitting for shake down. Various trial runs off Terminal Island Naval Base. Our destination after shake down to probably be Pearl Harbor. Some seem to think that we may go to the East Coast. That was me.

    November 18/43
    Arrive San Diego Repair Base for shake down tests.

    November 19 to December 15/43
    Shake down. Operating with Manlove, Long Beach (PF), Forman, Reynolds, Fair and Brockett. Fair (DE) Reynolds (DE42) Brockett (DE41)

    Final inspection on December 15. Underway for Roosevelt Base in San Pedro.

    December 16/43
    Arrive Roosevelt Base. Entered dry dock for final checkup before sea.

    January 10/44
    Arrive Treasure Island, California. Whitehurst, Witter and Reynolds here. Weather squally.

    January 12/44
    Underway for Pearl Harbor in company DE42 Reynolds. Sea very choppy. Everybody sick.

    January 19/44
    Arrive Pearl Harbor. Just about fed up with sea duty. Hawaii is some hole. No hula girls or nothing. Just good old terra firma.

    Saw first ships back from fighting fronts. Amphibious convoys leaving almost daily.

    It is pretty hot here. The scuttlebutt is that we may be operating out of Pearl for four months or longer.

    January 25/44
    Underway for destination. Believed to be Funafuti. Sea very calm. In company with USS Pastores (supply ship)

    January 30/44
    Initiation of Shellbacks. Very good weather. Quite an affair. The ship is full of grease and hair from initiation. Result .... Field Day.

    February 5/44
    Arrive Funafuti. Still hotter. Fueled and left for Makin Island with Ajax (repair ship)

    Detached at Makin to proceed Tarawa for duty with CTF 57. ComAirCenPacFor in AV 4 Curtis.

    February 6 - 18
    Reported Tarawa. Island is just about demolished. Very Hot. Sea unusually calm.

    Off shore patrols from Tarawa.

    February 21/44
    Dispatched to Roi with sixty Marines on board. Freighter and smaller ships in convoy. Marines very sick.

    Arrive Roi. Still blasting Jap pillboxes. Mostly mopping up operations. Marines could not be housed on beach due unsanitary conditions and destruction of barracks by Jap air attack.

    One explosion killed six hundred CB'S at one spot. New Jersey is SOPA here.

    February 23/44
    Arrive Kwajelein to pick up convoy for Makin.

    February 25/44
    Arrived Tarawa. Curtis SOPA to leave for Eniwetok. Bangust flag to be the Senior Officer Present Afloat. (CTJ 57.7.1)

    Made beach party on small island. First time on beach since Pearl.

    Went to Mass on Tarawa. Had good look at damage inflicted. Trees just about nonexistent. Several natives at Mass.

    March 22/44
    Underway and arrive at Apamama about 100 miles south of Tarawa. Harbor very shallow. Island not damaged at all.

    Made beach party. Many natives on islands. Living pretty much as they did prior to the war.

    Boy the flies are terrible. They dive at you in squadrons.

    Some of the Marines and CB's are pretty chummy with the natives. The natives lay around just about like cattle. They smell identical.

    March 23/44
    Underway for 180th. Some think we may go on through to Pearl. Lovett dropped two charges.

    Received orders from Fox (radio) to leave convoy and proceed to Majuro for further assignment.

    March 24/44
    Arrive Majoro. Sent to assist Manlove in Hunter Killer Group about fifty miles off Majuro.

    On various off shore patrols around harbor.

    March 27/44
    In oiler convoy. To proceed south to Truk Island and fuel fleet attacking Truk and Palau.

    We didn't sight a ship on this whole operation. Received order by radio to get out quick. Back to Majuro.

    April -May 10/44
    Various patrols and convoys out of Majuro to Kwajelein,etc.

    Escorted sub into Majuro (Grouper) supposed to have sunk Jap CV as it was launched in Tokyo Harbor.

    Convoys to 180 degrees and back. This is what is known as getting nowhere fast.

    May 10/44
    In port Majuro. Boiler damaged. Alongside Ajax for repairs. We may have to go back to Pearl for new boiler. Underway for Pearl ... Alone ...

    May 22/44
    Arrive Pearl Harbor. This place looks a lot different to us now after being out to sea.

    Some say we may have to go to the states. Damage can be repaired here.

    Drydock. Liberty.

    June 3/44
    Underway for Roi for assignment. Three guys "over the hill".

    Next operation to be Marianas.

    June 11/44
    Underway. At 1130 in evening about forty miles east of Roi. "Pip" on radar believed to be small craft, to cross our path. Rain squalls.

    Target still unidentified when sighted by OOD as it cleared a rain squall. Challenged visually and positively identified as enemy submarine. Crash dived when challenged.

    General quarters called on PA. Regained contact on sound. To use hedgehogs. Hanson on sound gear. McKeon on hedgehogs.

    Made three runs but no definite indication of hits. Sub diving deeper, using various tactics to get away,

    Sub rising. Made fourth run. Fired charges followed by tremendous underwater explosion. Depth charges put on "Safe".

    Everybody thought our fantail was gone. Only damage: one cracked seam.

    Air noises indicating sub trying to surface. Lost contact. Very dense oil slick. Boy, that oil really stinks.

    Notified Kwajelein of contact and other amplifying data via radio.

    Remained in area remainder of night. At dawn very large oil slick. Sharks are numerous around area of last contact with sub.

    Proceeding to Roi when ordered by radio to return and await relief. Planes arrived on scene and CTLT 57.7.5 upon arrival said it looked like a very definite kill.

    June 12/44
    Arrived Roi. Fueled.

    June 13/44
    Underway Eniwetok to join oiler group.

    June 15/44
    Arrived Eniwetok and departed with oilers for Marianas.

    June 16-25/44
    At sea. Sighted Rota on 26th. Air raid in progress. We were pretty close at dawn. I think some one slipped up on this.

    Fueling invasion fleet.

    June 28/44
    In port Eniwetok. One oiler unit of our gang was attacked just over the horizon from us.

    July 13/44
    Underway for fueling area again. Fueling fleet. Returned to Eniwetok on July 26.

    July 30/44
    Underway for fueling area with replacement oilers.

    August 2/44
    Sighted Saipan, Aquajian, Tinian and Rota. Fueling fleet units off Guam.

    August 4/44
    Sighted Guam. Things still pretty hot here.

    Watched fighting through long glasses. Naval units bombarding shore. Aircraft almost continually over island.

    Fueling fleet units off Guam. Chief Radioman Tweed picked up off island by DD 400 Mc Call. (Tweed has been living in the hills since Japan took Guam)

    August 11-16
    Anchored off Saipan. Mopping operations still in progress. Island looks pretty well civilized compared to the atolls we have seen so far.

    Town in Saipan destroyed completely by bombardment.

    On off shore patrol around Saipan. Sea calm. Sighted first Hari Kari victim. Small boy about twelve. Head was either cut or blown off. Feet were tied with red piece of clothe. Weighted body and sank it.

    Now the number of bodies floating around us is sickening. Ship on patrol between two islands can't keep clear of floating bodies.

    Up and down the coast line you frequently get the stench of decaying flesh intermingled with a smell something like fresh water melons.

    Finally detached. Enroute to Eniwetok for reassignment, some think, to the South Pacific.

    August 19-26
    In port Eniwetok. We are to join Third Fleet. Our duty will be with oilers as usual.

    August 26/44
    Underway to Manus in the Admiralties. ComCortDiv 32 is ComScreen. This is our first big screening job. We will cross the Equator on August 30. Another Shellback initiation.

    August 30/44
    Initiation. Rainy. Electric chair packs an extra wallop in rainy weather. Officers given a good going over. Cmdr Groff took snapshots and movies of ceremony.

    August 31/44
    Arrive Manus just prior dark. Entered after dark. Island was all lit up and everyone had idea it would be like Pearl Harbor on a smaller scale.

    September 1/44
    Boy, were we all wrong. The island looks good from a distance but in reality it is just a mass of mud.

    September 2-11
    In port Manus. We are to be operating in area around Palau. Palau and Ulithi are to be the next operation.

    Beach parties on Ra Ra Island. This is about the best beach recreation center so far.

    September 2-11
    Saw my first game of cricket today Asked one of the "Aussies" explain it. He did. I know less about it than ever.

    September 11/44
    Underway to fueling area. Two oilers cracked up and we are to bring them in.

    It is ironical I guess. The captain of one of the oilers is the one who has been handing everybody lip for the last four months.

    September 15/44
    Arrive Manus. We will take out two other tankers.

    September 16/44
    In baseball game on Ra Ra, had collision with another guy. Result ... four stitches over left eye. Purple heart for me.

    September 17-18
    Underway for fueling area.

    September 19 to October 1/44
    In fueling area in and around Palau. We were about 180 miles from Mindanao, Southern Philippines. Captain taking extra precautions against plane attacks.

    October 1-5
    Arrive Manus. Sound gear is inoperative. Possibly require dry docking.

    October 6/44
    In dry dock for repairs to sound gear. Scraped bottom. They had a piano on the ADD and we had quite a jam session.

    October 10/44
    Underway with oilers for Babelthaupe in Palau Group.

    October 14/44
    Arrive Babelthaupe Island. Island is Jap held but the Navy has taken over harbor. This is primarily a PT Boat base.

    Upon being detached from oiler with a "Well Done", she ran aground.

    SOPA called for extra life jackets or mattresses. A "can" hit a mine in harbor. A large portion of the harbor was mined by Japs.

    USS Wadleigh hit mine. One killed. Several air raids made on island by American planes.

    At night one lone Jap bomber came over evidently for reconnaisance. Ship is blacked out at night. Standing regular sea Watches. Movies in Mess Hall.

    Great number of PT Boats in here. They are going from here to the Philippines. We had one alongside. They eat all "K" Rations.

    Dispatched back to Manus after quite a long stay. I guess they forgot about us.

    October 21/44
    Arrive Manus. Next operation to be in the Philippines. Probably invasion of Leyte or Samar Islands.

    Scuttlebutt is that we are going to operate out of Ulithi in the Western Carolines.

    October 21-25/44
    On port Manus.

    October 25/44
    Departed Manus. Rainy. In company with Jason (repair ship) and an ammo ship.. Destination Ulithi.

    October 28/44
    Arrive Ulithi. Sea is pretty choppy. This doesn't look like much of a harbor right now. Storm warning out.

    October 29 to November 7/44
    Storm warnings out. In port Ulithi. All ships standing by to get underway at half hour

    November 7/44
    Storm warnings out.

    November 8/44
    Typhoon at its peak. We may have to get underway.

    November 12/44
    Underway from Ulithi with oilers. Area of fueling to be just east of Luzon and Mindanao.

    November 12-20
    Fueling units of Third Fleet operating around Philippines..

    November 24/44
    Arrive Ulithi. While we were at sea some small Jap subs, probably two-man. entered Ulithi harbor.

    Torpedoed AO 56 Mississinewa just before dawn. Only guys saved were those on watch. Escorts really must have ripped around the harbor dropping charges. One can rammed and sank a sub at the channel entrance.

    Final result. Three Jap subs known sunk. Exact number of subs in attack not known.

    November 24 to December 10/44
    In port Ulithi.

    December 10/44
    Underway from Ulithi to fueling area. Sound gear fouled up. Request permission to return to Ulithi for urgent repairs.

    ComScreen in Alywin gave us a lot of stormy weather and called us a six hour DE." Back to Ulithi.

    December 11/44
    Arrives Ulithi. Repaired sound gear. We will leave in morning to rejoin TF 50.6 in area.

    December 12/44
    Underway for fueling area.

    December 13/44
    Weather clear. Nothing of note. Underway for fueling area.

    December 13/44
    Steaming as before.

    December 14/44
    Clear but sea a little choppy. Fueled t-from AO 56 Aucillo this Morning,.

    Went to general quarters this afternoon . One of the tugs had a contact. We went to look but no soap. Trug said that they had screw noises.

    December 15/44
    Nothing of note.

    December 16/44
    Weather fair. With oilers to fuel units of Third Fleet tomorrow.

    December 17/44
    Windy and squally. Fueling units of TF 38. Fueling stopped in afternoon due to rough seas. Some destroyers not fueled.

    Looks like a big blow. Things are tossing around something awful. Can't sleep.

    Convoy breaking up. Everybody for himself. In company with DE 740 Waterman and USS Monaghan.

    December 18/44
    We figure storm at its height. 1-7ind over 100 MPH. At 1202 we took a 62 degree roll. We cannot alter course at present. Are riding to storm.

    Our present course will bring us into Luzon or Samar Pliilinpines. Ship rolling very badly. 40 to 50 foot waves. Wind 120 knots.

    Alvwin dead in water and out of fuel. Sent out SOS. Other destroyers also out of fuel. USS Hull is supposed to be sinking. A CVE out of fuel and afire on her flight deck.

    This afternoon they said that we should be out of it by ten tonight. Were able to come to new course at 220 degrees. Things look a little better.

    Spotted light in water evidently survivors but were unable to make contact. Everybody is pretty happy that we came through it all right.

    December 19/44
    Storm let up this morning. Bangust pretty well shaken up. No great damage. We were very lucky.

    DD Alywin in bad way. We are standing by to assist. Weather good. Alywin finally taken in tow by another destroyer.

    ComScreen transferred from aboard Alywin. We are to join fueling unit. Everyone seems to be going back to Ulithi.

    I Remember Alywin was the bird who called us a "six hour DE."

    December 20./44
    All clear after storm. All ships reforming. Some are very badly damaged. Two five inch DE's have lost their masts. So far three destroyers lost, Hull, Spence and possibly the Monaghan.

    We are to rejoin an oiler unit.

    December 21/44
    Clear with rain in evening. On search for survivors of hurricane. In company with CVE 74 Nehenta Bay.

    This is the nearest we have yet been to Luzon. Late evening joined

    I Rudyard Bay also on search. To continue tomorrow. No word from the Monaghan yet.

    December 22/44
    On search. Spotted float and mattresses. No other indications of survivors.

    December 23/44
    Still on search. Went to general quarters a little after noon. Bogie at 27 miles. We came in at 090 to four miles.

    Two fighters intercepted as he orbited convoy. Two destroyers opened up as fighters pursued. Very fast plane. Possible Zeke ( Zero) Last seen on screen at 49 miles. He got away.

    Everybody is expecting attack either tonight or in early morning. We are only half hour or so flying time from Luzon. Headed south with no return of planes as yet.

    December 24/44
    Returning Ulithi. Lost one pilot and were delayed in searching for him. I guess he went right down.

    Christmas Eve. Some of the guys sang Christmas carols. We are all in good spirits and thank God that we are all safe.

    December 25/44
    Christmas. Arrived Ulithi at 1030 in morning. Fueled and berthed which took about all day.

    Lots of mail today. Swearer DE 186 came alongside.

    Spoke to stewards mate from Spence. He is one of only about Seventy five survivors. He told us his story thus ....

    The ship was out of fuel and about two minutes after the generators stopped, she took a roll and didn't recover.

    He was thrown down but managed to open a hatch and made his way out onto starboard side of hull of the ship.

    He jumped and grabbed a kopak life jacket in water as waves washed him away from ship. The Spence went down with practically all handsin about seven minutes.

    There were two others with him in the water and they spent three days floating on life jackets.

    He said the others kept seeing ships on the horizon. He admits he saw a task force unit although he knew it never existed.

    After being passed up one night by Swearer, they were picked up on late afternoon of next day.

    Boy, there is one guy with a lot of guts.

    Sharing watch with Swearer. Had a pretty good Christmas and are thankful we made out all right.

    December 26/44
    In port. Nesting with Swearer.

    December 27/44
    In port. Not hing of note. Availability til January 3.

    December 28/44
    In port. We are going to put on New Year's show on fantail.

    December 29/44
    In port. Still working on show. Hope it comes off all right.

    December 30/44
    Went alongside Dixie (repair ship). Met two guys from boot camp.

    December 31/44
    Sunday. Went to Mass on Dixie. Worked on arrangements for show this evening.

    Put on show. Everything went off very well. Everyone seemed to have a good time. Very Happy New Year. McKeon sang Irish songs. He's high.

    January 1/45
    In port. We may have to put on show on the Markab AD21. They have a swell set of drums over there. Went to Markab. Worked on some tunes.

    Put on show after prize fights. Went over pretty well. They are really a swell bunch of guys. We may buy the drums ... I hope.

    January 2/45

    January 3/45
    Underway with oiler unit. Conducted firing at 1600. Same old thing.

    January 4/45
    One oiler in trouble and we are supposed to return Ulithi but they fixed it in time. Rejoining convoy.

    January 5/45
    Oiler still in trouble. Ordered back to Ulithi. Bangust to escort. Arrived Ulithi at 1300. Fueled from A020. To berth near Dixie.

    January 6/45
    Underway at 1505. Delayed in sortie. In company with 184 Giessen and 186 Swearer. Five oilers. Weather rainy and lousy.

    Have new commanding officer of USS Healy on board for further transfer.

    January 7/45
    Still rainy and foggy. Rolling moderately. Nothing new.

    January 8/45
    Rainy and a little rough. Hope it's not another one of those things.

    January 9/45
    Still rainy and foggy. Nothing of any note. Two more oilers joined us in company with USS Dale. Weather clearing.

    January 10/45
    Made contact with other fueling units. Two CVE'S. Weather clearing.

    January 11/45
    Weather very clear. Nothing of note. Still haven't met any units of the fleet. Fleet units made landing on Luzon. We may go to that area via Northern Luzon.

    January 12/45
    Clear. Nothing of note. I guess the other oiler unit with CTG 30.8 drew the China Sea assignment. We may go to Leyte.

    January 13/45
    Clear. Got orders to proceed to Leyte in company with 2 CVE's and oilers.. Cape Esperance OTC. Dale ComScreen.

    Underway for Leyte. Captain rather worried about Jap PT Boats. Breaking out extra small arms.

    During night orders changed. We are to proceed to China Sea. As Fibber Magee said, "This Is It."

    January 14/45
    Sighted land. Weather clear. Sea about the calmest we have ever seen. Island looks keen. All green and stuff.

    Entered Leyte Gulf. Here's where the Princeton and the St Lo went down not so long ago. Dale left us last night to proceed ahead to Leyte for charts and further information.

    Division Commander gave orders for all hands top side to wear life belts. Also doubled ready gun watches.

    We are supposed to get air support from Army all the way through. Good old "Dugout Doug".

    Two destroyers and a five inch DE had sub contact and were on "Hunter Killer." They got oil. Were dropping charges all day. Believe it was a midget sub.

    Sighted Leyte Island. After seeing all these other atolls, these islands look very much all right. Reminds you of the California coast.

    Two more oilers joined us. Also the Dale.

    Passing through quite a few various islands all day. Most of them are Jap-held but I guess they haven't very much on them from a military standpoint.... I hope.

    The water is infested with a snake smaller than an eel. They are yellow and black and have rattlers. Some said they were poisonous. That's a happy thought.

    Just after chow this evening, we sighted a native in his outrigger. We sighted him through the long glass. All eves are trained on the little native in his canoe. Suddenly he stands up, takes off his hat and proceeds,, shall we say, to make wee wee over the side. All secure he dons his sombrero and heads toward us.

    Whether the load off his mind or the sight of the USS Navy and the "Almighty B" prompted it, he breaks out into a big smile and waves his weather-beaten hat at us.

    Maybe the Japs made him wave at all the ships that went by. Anyway, it was good to get some recognition.. So we saw our first native in the Philippines.

    Four Thunderbolt fighters went overhead today but other than that we have seen nothing of our air support.

    I hope we get through all right. They are taking all precautions possible. We are the first unit of the Third Fleet to use this route and it's hard to tell what lies ahead. Let's hope that is all for today.

    January 15/45
    Clear. Sea very calm. Last night we passed through Mindinao Sea. At GQ this morning they reported. "Every plane is in the air" but that was about all.. I guess "Zeke" was-just testing the PA.

    We are almost continuously within sight of land. All Jap-held and some have airfields, or what's left of them.

    Watched Corsairs dive bombing Panay this morning. One must have hit an oil tank, flames leaped up followed by dense black smoke.

    So far we are lucky. Last night the "Old Man" reported to OTC that we had been hit by two "dud" torpedoes. he's really cracking now.

    The Kyne reported six torpedo wakes but "ole Mac" topped them... They hit us.

    At midnight went to GQ. Enemy planes bombing Lindinao so they say. It looks like a couple of big fires burning just off the island. Secured and still no definite dope.

    We are supposed to arrive tomorrow. Passed a convoy of LST's this morning. Also another convoy at midnight during 00.

    It is really nice tonight. What a lovely night for a raid. The fathometer is doing loop dee loops.

    January 16/45
    Clear. I guess the planes last night were our planes bombing. Anyway, whoever it was did a good job.

    This morning we entered the China Sea. It feels good to be out in the open again.

    Met CTG 30.8 at about noon. They took our convoy and Vice Versa.

    Ordered to return Ulithi via same route in company with four escorts and six oilers. Dale and Weaver left us.

    Everything going fine. Sighted six motor torpedo boats off Panay. I wonder where the guys are that we met in Bablethuape. There are several fires burning on Panay.

    Went to GO right after chow. They had a "bogie". Later identified. One lone Liberator dropped a couple on shore installations on Panay and started fires.

    Sea is very calm. Almost too calm. We're able to get news tonight. It looks pretty good on Luzon. Today we were only 80 miles off Manila when we met other oiler unit.

    Saw some "Black Widow" fighters today.. They look pretty sharp.

    January 17/45
    Weather clear. Passed Panay this morning. This afternoon we met a convoy of LST's, LCI's, merchant ships and transports ... about fifty ships in all.

    Passing between Negros and Mindinao. There seem to be several fires burning on Negros.

    Just before we sighted a long line of objects all along the horizon between Negros and Mindinao.

    Bangust was ordered to investigate what appears to be native outriggers. We neared one to find two natives aboard evidently bringing some supplies from Mindinao. It looked like two bags of rice and a watermelon.

    They waved a hurried greeting as we again went on to join the convoy. There were about fifteen or twenty of these outriggers and they made quite an impressive sight on the horizon.

    A visual message from OTC informs he will give us several Chinese survivors to be delivered to Naval Intelligence at Leyte. So we may get a chance to see Leyte harbor after all.

    Nobody seems to want to claim Cohen, the prospective commanding officer of the Healey. I guess we will have to drop him off at the Jewish USO in Leyte.

    January 18/45
    After GQ this morning we went alongside oiler and they transferred five Chinese survivors to us.

    They sure are quite a sight. From all indications they were on a fishing schooner when she capsized and they were picked up by an American ship in the China Sea.

    As planes went overhead, they made motions indicating that American planes dropped food to them before they were picked up.

    They are always bowing with their hands held as if they were-praying. I guess that is their way of thanking someone,

    At chow, they ate cake and bread with forks. Before they began they said Grace. After they had finished, they bowed to everyone in the mess hall before leaving.

    The one rather old one of the group was sobbing almost continuously. I guess he really had been through a lot.

    It was very sad in a way, they had no idea of what was going to happen to them and they seemed so humble and helpless.

    We entered harbor. Quite a few landing craft and amphibious craft in here. This is about the best harbor we have ever been in.

    Chinese were taken off and delivered to Seventh Fleet Intelligence officer on dock.

    January 18/45
    In afternoon, went alongside Neches for fuel. Natives are all around in their outriggers.. They come alongside the ships to trade various stuff for clothing and mostly for white mattress covers.

    One boat had one girl about fifteen years old and she was quite a beauty.. Most of the natives speak English.

    We remained alongside all night. Had general quarters at about four in the morning. It turned out to be a phoney.

    No movies here. All ships pretty well -blacked out.

    All types of Army planes are in the air almost all day long. Islands look pretty nice but it's pretty hot here.

    January 19/45
    Rainy all day. Some outriggers alongside. This afternoon we had a native on board. He was very well educated. He had been through the University of Manila.

    He really gave us a lot of information about the natives, their customs and also about the Japanese.

    He seemed pretty well up on current events but he had never heard of Sinatra although he liked Bing Crosby.

    He practically quoted one of President Roosevelt's speeches to the Philippine people.

    When we asked if he had killed any Japs, he merely replied "I'm not a soldier." That just about summarized the feeling of the majority.

    He said the natives carried on quite a lot of guerilla warfare from the hills. He estimated that about two hundred Japanese soldiers were killed in his town along.

    Before bombardment by American planes, the Japs told the natives that there were going to be practice air raids held on the outlying islands.

    Went to General quarters about nine this evening.. Started smoke generators and it all blew back at us.. Nothing happened. Air Flash White about an hour later. Secured.

    General quarters again at eleven or a little before. Lasted almost half hour. Boy, what a night.

    Air Flash Blue almost all remainder of night. I take back what I said about this being the best harbor we have hit out here.

    January 20/45
    Raining intermittently. About fifteen boats alongside at one time today. Got some Jap money and some island money.

    January 20/45
    Some of these guys claim to have killed Japs but this evening one really convinced me. He had all the soldier's credentials. He was a sergeant.

    Just after chow, a real sharp young lady was in one of the boats alongside. If you ask them to marry you, they say "Okay". This one incidentally is going to marry Freddie Harris.

    Let's hope that we have no General Quarters after eleven when I get off watch. Guess what? GQ at 330 this morning.... Oh well.

    January 21/45
    Sunday. Still raining. still hanging around for orders. We will evidently rejoin oilers in the China Sea.

    Our orders to join an oiler unit going to Point Varnish received. Departed Leyte at 1300. Joined unit just returning from China Sea.

    Went to GQ about four in the afternoon. They had a "bogie" but he proved to be friendly. Boy... We are off to a good start.

    GQ again after "Darken Ship". Air Flash Red in Leyte which was about 15 miles away. it was the OTC's idea. He must be a drip.

    January 22/45
    Weather lousy. Seas a bit rough. I hear it's pretty rugged where we are supposed to be going.

    Two of the oilers had something go wrong during the night. They will definitely be sent back to Ulithi.

    Received orders ComThirdFleet. Return to Ulithi immediately to report to Eniwetok by February 6/45 for duty with Fifth Fleet. Here we go again.

    Returning Ulithi. The other escorts have been out 27 days. They sure got a rotten deal.

    January 23/45
    I hear that all units of TG 30.8 have been ordered to Ulithi. Something big is in the wind. Possibly a landing on Formosa.

    January 24/45
    Weather clearing. We are supposed to be in at 0930 but convoy was delayed yesterday by breakdown of one of the oilers.

    "Bogie" this morning at 0930. Turned out to be PBM. He was not observing proper procedure for approaching surface vessels.. OTC said he was going to report him.

    I hear via the grapevine that Leyte was bombed twice while we were there. One night by a single plane and by two planes the next night.

    They came over the air strip ... dropped their bombs and scrammed. Maybe that was what all the AA firing was about.

    I always said "There's nothing like knowing what's going on." Supposed to arrive about 1230 tomorrow in Ulithi.

    January 25/45
    Arrive Ulithi. We will be in until 'bout February 6. Assigned to a CTG 50.8.

    Next operation to be Iwo Jima. 'Fueling and supply units to remain in area of operations until objective is secured.

    ComCortDiv 32 and staff reported aboard Bangust on February 1/45.

    January 26 to February 8/45
    In port Ulithi. MacNish received his orders to ConServron 12. Happy day.

    February 8/45
    Underway. Detroit CL6 is OTC. Twelve oilers and three tugs and ten escorts. Proceeding to area. We are Com Screen.

    February 9/45
    Underway at sea. Weather very good. Hope it stays this way. Spotted our first B29 today. They sure look sharp.

    February 10/45
    Invasion to be the nineteenth. Guess we will be out about twenty to thirty days.

    February 11/45
    Sunday. Clear and a little choppy. Rope yarn today so we fueled this afternoon.

    February 12./45
    Clear. Cooler. Relieved of ComScreen by five inch DE. Pittsburg and two CVE's plus destroyers joined unit. Total number of ships in convoy 42.

    February 13/45
    Clear and cooler. Sea very calm. Forming fueling units. To fuel fleet this afternoon.

    Fueling fleet. They are all out here. The Alaska on down. Also the Guam.

    February 14/45
    Weather cooler. Wisconsin and Missouri escorted us all night. Task Force 58 completed fueling. Screen fueled this afternoon.

    One DE boarded a Japanese fishing schooner. Took five prisoners. All in Jap army uniforms. Sunk schooner.

    February 15/45
    Clear. Sea very calm. Cruising as before. General quarters this afternoon for AA firing. ComScreen (5" DE) almost knocked the plane down twice.

    Passed three floating mines prior dark. Oh Boy...Stationed bow look-out. If we hit one of these ... Bango.

    February 16/45
    Sea a little choppy. Much cooler. Raids on Tokyo began today. To last three days.

    February 17/45
    Clear. Sea Calm. Raids on Tokyo continuing. Really doing a swell job. I heard today that up to June we rate three stars.

    Patuxent (AO) had a fire this morning. Started in paint locker. One man killed. She and Silverstein(DE) to Saipan. DE 740 helped in putting out fire when "can" refused to go alongside.

    February 18/45
    Other oilers and ammunition ship joined us. Task Force 58 to return to refuel tomorrow. ComDesRon 19 -on ComScreen replacing five inch DE.

    February 19/45
    Fueling TF58. Invasion of Iwo Jima started today. All reports Tokyo raid very good.

    332 planes downed. 177 on ground and 157 probables. 30 to 40 American airmen lost. Also bombed harbor installations.

    We were 65 miles from Iwo Jima at one time today. Neosha (AO) and Dewey to Iwo Jima.

    February 20/45
    Clear. Cooler. Sea calm. Passed OMM from DE43 Mitchell this morning.

    Storm warning out. I guess we will miss it though. Fueled in Afternoon.

    Received orders to proceed Ulithi. Underway Ulithi just after dark. Ammo ship and escort to Iwo.

    They had three Jap "snooper" planes yesterday. OTC claims they were intercepting our TBS (voice radio).

    February 21/45
    Sea choppy. Very much cooler. Will provision from oiler tomorrow. Mostly fruit and spuds.

    February 22/45
    Much warmer. Steaming as before. Kyne DE744 is having trouble with shaft bearing.

    February 23/45
    Warm, very humid. Arrive off Ulithi. Discharged oilers and took on six more.

    Oilers fired just out side harbor. We have only two escorts. Kyne to make emergency repairs in Ulithi. Hilbert to return to Ulithi and wait for oiler and then rejoin us.

    February 24/45
    Sea choppy. Returning to fueling area at best speed. Raids in Tokyo to be tomorrow.

    Hilbert and Guadaloupe (AO) rejoined.

    February 25/45
    Sunday. Sea choppy. All hands topside ordered to wear life belts.

    Some ship opened up on 500 KCS (radio) and OTC was pretty sore about it.

    February 26/45
    Sea a little calmer. Reports indicate that CortDiv 32 is not scheduled in next Fifth Fleet operation.

    Sound gear on the bum. Necessary to rotate dome by hand from lower sound room.

    February 27/45
    Fueling units of TF58 that raided Tokyo Sunday. Task Force fired just before dark.

    February 28/45
    Sea choppy. Rather cool. Fueled this morning. This evening some ships went back. Still quite a bit of talk about our not being in next operation. Sound gear still being rotated by hand.

    March 1/45
    Cool.- Sea slightly choppy. Marines: on Iwo Jima finally getting started. OTC requesting that our mail be sent to Ulithi rather than Eniwetok.

    March 2/45
    Fair. Sea calm to choppy. Supposed to fire this morning but postponed until afternoon.

    Fired at 1330. Bangust got two sleeves. Some one said that we were supposed to go back on the fourth.

    March 3/45
    Sea calm. Very much warmer. Fueled units of TF58 including Wisconsin, Missouri,, Hornet, etc....

    We are enroute to Ulithi to arrive about the fifth. Sound gear out altogether. Standing hydrophone watches only.

    March 4/45
    Sunday. Rope Yarn. Some destroyers collided during night. Tugs were assisting this morning. I understand they were part of TF58.

    Arrived Ulithi. Anchored in Southern Anchorage.

    Search 5/45
    In port. Be here until about the eleventh. Next operation to be in Bonins I believe. We will probably be included.

    March 6/45
    In port. Nothing of note.

    March 7/45
    In port. Those destroyers that collided at sea arrived today. One is pretty well banged up.

    March 8/45
    In port. We will have to go alongside tender to lift radar antenna.

    March 11/45
    Went to General Quarters during movie this evening. CVE26 Sagamon afire and still burning. Reported that Jap plane crashed on one of the atolls. No further dope.

    March 12/45
    Went to GQ at noon. "bogie". Believe it to be radio remote controlled target plane. Plane crashed just off atoll.

    Our orders to Alaska have been canceled.

    March 13/45
    Went to General Quarters after quarters. "bogie". That's all ...

    March 14 to March 17/45
    Alongside Prairie for repairs. Secured Fox. Inspection.

    March 16/45
    Comdr Charles Fox MacNish relieved of command by Lt. Walker.

    New Radio Tech 2/C on board. Lane to make Ensign.

    In March 11 Air Flash Red, two Jap suicide planes. One crashed into CV26 Sagamon and the other mistook island for large shed and crashed into said island.

    Next operation to be Okinawa.

    March 25/45
    Underway with oiler unit. Departed at 1300. In company Hilbert and Kyne.

    March 26/45
    Sea very choppy. Rain. Nothing of note. Radio Tokyo claimed today to have attacked four or five carriers in Ulithi on March eleventh.

    March 27/45
    Sea still very choppy. No dope.

    March 28/45
    Sea settling some. Sun was out this morning. Exectuive Officer announced over PA this morning that we were slow in manning our dawn alert GQ stations.

    Bombardment of next objective started ! Monday March 26.

    March 29/45
    Sea calm. Rain squalls. Joined Tf, 50.8 this morning. OTC in Detroit. Two CVE'S, oilers, AK's and tugs.

    Bombardment of Ryukyu Islands continuing.

    March 30/45
    Sea choppy. Still no sunshine. We may go back to Ulithi if sea quiets down so oilers can dump remaining cargo. Captain's Inspection.

    March 31/45
    Sea rough. Storm warnings out all around. Fueling of screen canceled today.

    April 1/45
    Easter. Sea pretty rough. Holiday routine. I guess if this keeps up we will be eating Spam and crackers again.

    Invasion of Okinawa began today. Last Easter we were in Tarawa.

    April 2/45
    Rough. Supposed to fuel units of TF 58 but delayed due to rough seas.

    April 3/45
    Still pretty rough. Fueling delayed further. We are headed west in hopes of finding smoother weather to finish fueling operations.

    Dewey to Okinawa with AK. Kyne and oilers back to Ulithi.

    One escort spotted and exploded floating mine this afternoon. Quite an explosion. Sun came out this afternoon.

    April 4/45
    Clearing seas. Still choppy with pretty big swells.

    Fueling TG 58.2 comprising new battle cruisers Guam, and Alaska. Saw Iowa, Wisconsin, North Carolina and Missouri also.

    We were ordered back to Ulithi. To depart tomorrow. Heading east again. We still haven't fueled.

    April 5/45
    Calm weather. Improving. We are designated to go back to Ulithi. detached just prior dark.

    April 5/45
    About 2000 another slower convoy of LST999, A@7Dll Thornton and several others came right through convoy. Result .... Bango. The Thornton was rammed twice. Once forward and second time amidships.

    All oilers turned on lights. ComScreen Bangust sent to aid. Survivors were picked from water and Thornton taken in tow by tug.

    Somebody is going to get it for this 'Little episode. Thornton had radar and TBS but they didn't seem to be in use. Also hearing devices.

    LST went through all right. Was challenged visually but failed to reply. That helps things out.

    April 6/45
    Calm. Steaming as before in company with Borie, Welles and Lamons I believe.

    Welles has three survivors from Thornton on board.

    April 7/45
    Calm. A little warmer. We are supposed to arrive tomorrow. Commodore thinks we will be in port about three days.

    April 8/45
    Sunday. Arrived Ulithi about 1000. First trip for mail. In Northern Anchorage until the twelfth.

    April 9/45
    Nothing of note. Ship being painted according to new camouflage plan.

    April 10/45
    Nothing of note. We leave on the thirteenth.

    April 11/45
    In port. General Quarters at 1200. Secured in about ten minutes. Bill Early left today.

    April 12/45
    In port. GO or rather Air Flash Red followed closely by Flash White. We may go out tomorrow. Hilbert to leave South Anchorage.

    April 13/45
    In port. Beach party today.

    April 14/45
    In port. Beach party. Supposed to leave at 1600.

    April 15/45
    Shifted to North Anchorage and returned before dark to Southern Anchorage.

    Five minutes of silence in memory of late President Roosevelt after colors this morning.

    April 16/45
    Underway at 0545 for fueling area. Screen Kyne, Dale (DD), Brockett, Bangust ComScreen. Five oilers and ammo ship Mauna Loa. Sugar Love (SI. Radar) on the blink.

    April 17/45
    At sea. Calm. Kyne sank: mine this morning. Note: 1600 Japanese planes downed so far around Okinawa.

    April 18/45
    Sea calm. Stiff breeze. Sligthly cooler. Heard President Truman's speech this morning. Sugar Love radar still crapped out.

    I hear that an albatross landed on the ship the night of the Thornton collision. The Thornton and LST999 just missed us before crashing into oiler. I hope our luck holds out.

    The last time and albatross landed on the mast was June 10. On June 11 we got the sub.

    April 19/45
    Clear and cooler, Sea very calm. Joined TG 50.8 ... Passed mail to Detroit and several other ships (oilers) this afternoon. Two mines sighted this afternoon. One sunk.

    News tonight told of Ernie Pyle being killed by Jap machine-gunner on Ie Shima Island just off Okinawa.

    April 20/45
    Sea choppy. Foggy with rain squalls. Inspection at 1000. Today the all-out offensive to take Okinawa is to start.

    Scuttlebutt is that Wessen and Riddle (DE's) both took suicide planes at Okinawa.

    April 21/45
    Rather choppy. Cooler. Weather clearing. All-out offensive on Okinawa started.

    Fueled this morning and then assigned plane guard for CVE87 Saro Island. Passed mail to Tappahanock (AO).

    Loss of 15 ships at Okinawa announced. Mostly by suicide planes. Pringle (DD) one of five destroyers sunk.

    The last beach party in Ulithi, I met a guy from Maspeth who was on the Pringle. That's how it happens I guess.

    Some empty oilers to return to Ulithi tomorrow.

    April 22/45
    Cool. Sea a little choppy. Fueling units of TG 59.1..Rope Yarn today. There are some nice looking ships out here today. Some one said that the Shangri La was supposed to be out here.

    Very cool just prior to dark tonight.

    April 23/45
    Calm. A little warmer. Atmosphere is very hazy. We cannot see all ships in convoy.

    Replenishing TG 59.3.. We were assigned to Detroit for odd jobs today.

    Detroit fueled this morning. Some one said we are going back to Ulithi tomorrow.

    April 24/45
    Sea calm. Overcast. Fueling units of TG 59.4 including Alaska, Guam and others.

    April 25/45
    Sea calm. Sun out today. Fueling units of TG 59.4. New carrier Shangri La is in that unit.

    Sighted floating mine and sank same just after noon chow. Used rifles from bridge. Finally sank. We were expecting explosion.

    Tadman and Konniam came aboard from A073 Millocoma. We passed them over in a bag.

    April 26/45
    Sea calm. Rather overcast. Field Day. Refueling units of TF 58. TF 58 fired almost all afternoon.

    Destroyers and destroyer escorts fired about four this afternoon. Pretty lousy.

    Yesterday one of the carrier planes shot down Jap plane at 20 miles. I guess he was just looking around.

    April 27/45
    Calm and sunny. Fueling units of TG 59.3... TG held firing (AA) drill. All hands topside ordered to wear helmets as precaution against shrapnel. They are firing right over us.

    Captain's Inspection at 1000.

    April 28/45
    Rather choppy. Much cooler. Fueling units of TF 58 today. We fueled this morning.

    April 29/45
    Sunday. Choppy. AH6 Comfort (hospital ship) was bombed last night at 127.30 east 25.30 north. Proceeding on own power.

    Supposed to fire this morning at 0900.

    Yesterday DD390 Talbot was hit by two suicides. Cunningham (cook) is from the Talbot. I hear she is pretty well banged up.

    Early this morning the hospital ship Bountiful joined convoy. it sure looks odd out there. I guess they aren't taking any chances.

    Fired at 1530. Forty got a sleeve. Hospital ship Bountiful left convoy.

    April 30/45
    Slightly choppy. Cool. Passed mail to AO's 58, 59, 74 and Detroit. Went alongside DD610 Hobby for replacement part for sound gear.

    Fired this afternoon. To fuel TG 59.3 tomorrow. I-We hear that 29 killed and 33 wounded on hospital ship Comfort.

    May 1/45
    Calm. A little warmer. Fueling units of TG 59.3 ...

    May 2/45
    Calm. Fueling units of TG 59.4... Hitler reported dead in the news tonight. That's the fifth time.

    May 3/45
    Rainy. Supposed to five at 1300. MacAllister had appendicitis attack last night.

    Transferred "Mac" to CVE 100 Bouganville at 0900. No strain.

    As of today we have steamed 86745 miles since commissioning.

    May 4/45
    Rain. Unidentified plane at about 25 miles at 0100. General quarters. Plane passed over convoy all lit up. Presumed to be friendly.

    No fueling today. Inspection at 1000.

    Following message received from Capt Taylor of DE741 Weaver: Quote... Date: May 3/45 Msg Commodore. Unless war situation causes. change, four CortDivs returning to States ahead of us, for yard overhaul of about forty five days, at intervals of less than a month. Will give source of info personally.

    May 5/45
    Rain. No dawn alert this morning due to rain. No fueling- today.

    Went alongside Weaver for ALNAV 64. We rate campaign ribbon. Philippine Liberation with one star.

    May 6/45
    Sunday. Choppy. Fueling "Lucky and Gang" TG 58.3. Rope yarn. Fueled from A058 Manatee.

    Transferred VHF Aircraft receiver from CVL 29 Bataan to CL 8 Detroit.

    May 7/45
    Clear. Fueling "Rowdy and Gang" TG 58.4. Transferred officer from CVE Windham Bay to Bouganville CVE 100.

    Went alongside Detroit for mail. Received orders to proceed to Apra, Guam to arrive May 10. Replenish and return to TG 50.8.

    Plane guard this morning. Pretty busy morning. Picked up mail from Detroit and Windham Bay at 1400.

    l600 Underway for Guam in company Dale 353 and CVE92 Windhim Bay. MacAllister on CVE 100 had appendix removed and doing fine they informed us today.

    May 6/45
    Calm. Very much Warmer. VE Day in Europe. went alongside CVE92 to transfer requisitions etc. They sent plane to Guam today.

    May 9/45
    Rainy at general quarters this morning but cleared later. Due in Guam tomorrow morning.

    May 10/45
    Clear. Calm. Much Warmer. Sighted Guam just after dawn alert. Held firing at 0800. B26 for each ship.

    These islands sure look good for a change. Several ships standing in unescorted. Fueled from beach.

    May 11/45
    Shifted last evening to berth alongside the Egg Harbor. Dale alongside. Stores and ammo all day.

    Quite a few subs in harbor. "Scoop" Hamilton transferred to Naval Hospital on beach with appendicitis.

    May 12/45
    In port Guam. They say the beach parties are good. Red Cross and all.

    May 13/45
    In port Guam. Berth 6 alongside Egg Harbor and Dale. General quarters at 0900. Flash Red. Some ships made smoke. Secured at 0930.Flash White.

    May 14/45
    In port Guam. Beach party on Gab Gab Island. Pretty nice layout. "Scoop" was cut. Doing well.

    May 15/45
    In port Guam. Shifted to berth alongside "can". Been hit pretty badly by suicides. Dale alongside. Painting radio shack.

    May 16/45
    In port Guam. Nesting with Dale and DM32 Lindsey. Lindsey took two suicides in Okinawa. 107 Casualties.

    May 17/45
    In port Guam. Nothing of note. Spano broke his ankle. Transferred to hospital on Guam. Beach Party.

    May 18/45
    In port Guam. Beach party.

    May 19/45
    In port Guam. Hilbert and Griener arrived today with CVE 100 Bouganville. Supposed to leave tomorrow.

    May 20/45
    In port. Made all preparations to get underway at 1300. MacAllister back aboard.

    Mike Preseren and "Greek" Platos left Bangust for States.

    Undenway at 1300 with CVE92 Windham Bay and DD353 Dale. Able Able firing. Dale returned Guam for fuel.

    May 21/45
    Underway. Dale rejoined just prior dark. They had Air Flash Red in Guam last night.

    May 22/45
    At sea. Calm. Alongside CVE this morning and picked up ice cream compliments of the Windham Bay. Good ice cream.

    May 23/45
    At sea. Choppy and cooler. Passed out two bottles of Coke to each guy. Rope yarn

    May 24/45
    At sea. Choppy. Joined Jefferson at dawn. Received officer from DE41 Brockett. Fueled from A071 Escalente this morning. Field Day.

    May 25/45
    At sea. Clear and cold. ,Missouri joined us from Guam. Inspection at 1000. Missouri and escort left convoy at l330. DD 645 alongside to pass official mail.

    May 26/45
    Fueling "Goblin", "Flashy", and "Kodak" TF58. Unit designation now changed to TF 38. I hear Halsey was on the Missouri.

    May 27/45
    Calm. Rope yarn. I hear we may have AA today.

    .May 28/45
    Detailed to escort two merchant ships, Waco and Lumenbourg Victory with Conklin DE439 and Weaver DE 971.

    Merchant ships are having a hard time of it trying to understand Naval Operating Procedure.

    May 29/45
    Calm and cooler. Message from "Handlebar" informs us that he has it on good authority that we are seventh escort division to go back to the States.

    Hutchison doesn't believe it at all. He doesn't think we will go back.

    Screen of main unit conducted torpedo firing runs this morning. Merchant ships carrying bombardment ammunition.

    May 30/45
    Raining early morning. Transferred Lind and Zuercher to merchant ships for operations purposes.

    Merchants aren't very handy with transfer at sea. Picked up officers at 1200.

    May 31/45
    Very clear and calm. Field Day. We almost lost the two merchants last night. The Master of one saw a falling star and thought it to be a flare (white submarine warning signal) and they changed course without orders.

    I hear they have been out of the States one month.

    June 1/45
    Clear and warmer. Inspection (Lind). Fueling units TF 38. Large group held Able Able firing.

    Still with merchants. Some one said we may go to Okinawa. I hope not. They have been hitting a ship a day up there lately. The Eisele and O'Neil (DE's) got it.

    June 2/45
    Clear. Fueling units of TF 58. Still with merchants. Transferred doctor to merchant to examine skipper over there. He has asthma.

    Transferred mail to DE Lewis.

    June 3/45
    Clear. A little warmer. Transferred doctor to merchant ship again.

    June 4/45
    Rain last night. Overcast. Fueling units of TF 31. Message from PM ordered fueling discontinued in preparation for typhoon weather which is 330 miles from our 0900 position

    June 4/45
    I sure hope it isn't bad. These merchant ships loaded with ammo and not enuipped with radar are nothing to be around during a storm.

    At 6PM looks as though we will pass by typhoon. Fueling resumed prior dark. Course 110.

    Storm getting worse. High Water. Fueling discontinued. Merchant ships are having quite a time. OTC ordered 90 degree turn and new course of 240.

    Finally left merchants for themselves. They are helpless. I'm glad I'm not in the Merchant Marine tonight. For that matter, the Navy too.

    June 5/45
    Typhoon. Barometer hit 18 which is pretty low. High winds. We still have control though. Set engineering special detail at 0430.

    It is impossible to sleep. Over TBS this morning heard several men lost from various ships. One was washed over on one and picked up by a ship right behind almost immediately.

    CVE lost 20 planes on deck last night. DD611 Kalk in bad way. No sound, radar or radio.

    DE740 must have gone south. One of the merchant ships located. OTC locating ships and reforming.

    It is now 10.45AM and still pretty rough but I think the worst is over. Had Spam and coffee for breakfast this morning.. All topside watches secured except bridge. Repair parties standing by.

    Boy, the guys prayed last night and everybody agrees that he was pretty scared. I was. Well, this makes number two for the "B". I wonder how many she can stand.

    Lewis (5" DE) lost it's mast. Clearing up at noon. TC 30.8 rejoining. Fueling fleet units prior dark.

    We lost one charge, boat canopy, flag bag cover, "GI" cans and various items but ship fared pretty well.

    June 6/45
    Hazy and choppy. Fueling units of TF 38. Most of the big boys. Alaska, Guam, Missouri, etc. I guess Halsey is with this bunch.

    It looks like someone else will have the merchant ships for a while. Rope yarn this afternoon. Two merchant ships to Okinawa

    June 7/45
    Windy. Tankers consolidating this morning. CVE92 Windham Bay has damaged flight deck.

    Ordered to Guam with four carriers, two destroyers and three destroyer escorts. Capps DD550 is with us. They were ComScreen of oiler group during Mariana's Operation last year.

    DE381 Wyman sighted mine and ordered to destroy it. Result unknown. No Field Day today. Inspection tomorrow may be called off due to work necessitated by storm

    June 8/45
    Clear and warmer. Steaming as before. Enroute Guam. No inspection today.

    June 9/45
    Hazy and warmer. Enroute Guam. Rainy in late evening.

    June 10/45
    Sunday. Clear and warmer. Enroute Guam. Held Able Able firing on sleeve at 0900. One sleeve. Sighted Guam at 1030.

    Fifteen planes sent up from CVE's this morning about 0730. One had fuel line trouble and had to crash. Pilot picked up by Capps. He was uninjured.

    Arrive Guam about 1130. Unable to enter due crowded conditions. Pittsburgh came in with bow torn off by storm.

    Berthed alongside DE740 and DE749.

    June 11/45
    In port Guam. Brockett and Layman came alongside late last night. Secured radio watch at 0800 to DE749.

    One year ago tonight at 2300 we got the sub.

    June 12/45
    In port Guam. Fueled from AOG39 at 0900. Returned to berth alongside DE38 Wyman.

    Scuttlebutt has it that Jefferson (CTG 30.8) has disbanded and is in Leyte. No verification on NPM.

    Quite a few submarines operating out of Guam.

    June 13/45
    In port Guam. Stores just about all day. They are having a "Smoker" on one of the CVE'S.

    Lots of mail today. Zuercher is getting transferred. Saw four subs go out this morning.. Installing Loran.

    June 14/45
    In port. Nothing of note. To have "Smoker" on CVE Attu on Sunday.

    June 15/45
    In port. Moored in nest as before.

    June 16/45
    In port. As before.

    June 17/45
    Sunday. "Smoker" on Attu tonight. Went to Mass on Salanoa CVE. Smoker went off pretty good.

    June 18/45
    Nothing of note. Skipper of DE740 awarded Bronze Star for action and rescue of February 17 during fire on oiler at sea.

    June 19/45
    In port. APA230 Rockwell pulled in this afternoon. Sullivan and I went over to see Joe. He sure looks good. He's been out three months.

    June 20/45
    On beach to deliver RDF Gear to Supply Depot Guam. Typhoon warnings tip at sea.

    June 21/45
    In port Guam. Moored as before. DE740 Waterman underway from nest. Guess we will be in Guam until July first.

    June 22/45
    In port Guam. Captain's Inspection. There is talk we are to go to Saipan tomorrow. Party... McKeon, Dave and I.

    June 23/45
    Underway at 0630 for Saipan. Weather clear. Arrived Saipan at 1500. Fueled from Y0158 and berthed in Love 17.

    June 24/45
    In port Saipan. Weather clear. Harbor and beach look very much different from the last time. Mass on Nevada. I didn't go. Rope Yarn.

    June 25/45
    In port Saipan. Beach party canceled. No transportation. Splitting radio watch with Wyman.

    June 26/45
    In port Saipan. Joe McCall's ship came in today. Recreation party.

    June 27/45
    Wyman DE38 and Brockett DE41 to go back to States. Plenty of B29's coming and going.

    June 28/45
    No Field Day. No recreation party.

    June 29/45
    No Inspection. Beach party.

    June 30/45
    In port as before. We are to leave on the fourth. Next operation to be air strikes and bombardment of Japan... This is it.

    July 1/45
    Sunday. Went to Mass at Camp Calhoun on beach-. Beach party in afternoon. Had a good look at Saipan Island today.

    July 2/45
    In port. Nothing of note.

    July 3/45
    In Port. To get underway tomorrow. Fueled from Y0185 this morning.

    July 4/45
    Underway at 0730. To sortie with Reynolds (ComScreen), Rennison, McClelland and Bangust. Four CVE'S.

    Held AA firing at 1300. To rendezvous with "Garfield" tomorrow.

    July 5/45
    At sea. Calm. Met fueling unit this morning. This is the biggest unit we have had out here yet. Detroit still CTG 30.8. The fueling group is to be split into three units. We are in "Baker."

    July 6/45
    Calm. Rain in evening. Inspection at 1000. Supposed to hold exercise air attacks and torpedo attacks on formation this morning.Canceled.

    Went alongside Steamer Bay to pick up hand set for TBS radio. Destroyer sank mine off our port beam.

    July 7/45
    Calm. Planes up at U90U for scheduled air exercise. Quite an exhibition The planes are trying to simulate Jap "kamakasi" attacks.

    Supposed to meet units of the Third Fleet carrier task force tomorrow. Given a bit of a pep talk by the Gunnery Officer.

    July 8/45
    Sunday. Hazy and hot. Dawn alert at 3.25 AM. Fueling units of TF 38. Halsey is on Missouri.

    July tenth is to be big day. Operation is to last until August 15.

    July 9/45
    Clear but hot. Fueled from A048 Neosha this morning. I believe Group Able has left us as of yesterday. Several oilers and two escorts returning to Ulithi.

    July 10/45
    Choppy and hazy. Rain last night. Air strikes on Japan today. Very good results from all indications.

    July 11/45
    Rainy and much cooler. Ten oilers, two CVE'S, one tug and eleven escorts left in convoy. Position at 0600 154 degrees 32 degrees.

    July 12/45
    Field Day. Provisioned from AK this morning at 0630. Quite cool.

    July 13/45
    Choppy and cooler. Inspection at 1000. Orders issued by CTG 30.3 to prepare for rough seas and high winds this afternoon and night.

    July 14/45
    Pretty choppy and generally miserable. News tonight told of Fleet hitting typhoon off Kyushu.

    July 15/45
    Clearing up but still pretty cool. Rope yarn. July 16/45 Clear and cooler. Able Able firing for ready gun crews at 1500. Iowa, Wisconsin and Missouri bombarding Japan.

    July 17/45
    Clear and calm. Another unit of AO's, AK's and two APA's joined us from Leyte this morning. Also two cruisers.

    Went alongside APA84 Garrand to pick up mail for various ships in screen. Went alongside A053 Caliente for fuel and mail. Pick up mail for Bangust.

    Delivered mail to DD491 Farenholt and DD662 Bennion. Secured and took up station in screen.

    Yesterday Anzio and five inch DE's of Group Able enroute back to Guam sighted sub and sank same after quite a battle. Message said they recovered planking, cork; Japanese magazine, clothing and letters. Anzio is with us now.. Posit 36 degrees north 152 degrees east.

    July 18/45
    Rather choppy. Group Able joined this morning. Picked up mail from oiler. Delivered mail to 740 Waterman.

    Orders received to go to Ulithi with empty oilers. Underway at 0930. Thetis Bay, Crowley and Bebas to report to Guam. Bebas to go to States.

    Sorm warnings out for this area. Getting pretty windy and with SOA of 15 knots into the wind, we are really pitching around. We were under about as often as we were above during the night.

    July 19/45
    Clearing but rather choppy. No dawn alert this morning. For a while I thought we were in for another one of those things.

    July 20/45
    Very calm and warmer. No inspection. Still Enroute Ulithi. General quarters at 1530. Sub contact. Evacuated as fish.

    July 21/45
    Clear and warmer. DE 10 Bebas has sub contact. Dropped charges. No results.

    July 22/45
    Sunday. Clear and warm. DE10 Bebas and Crowley DE303 and Thetis Bay left for Guam this morning.

    Bangust ComSreeen. We are only ship with sound gear operative. Oh well. Waterman DE740, DE441 Severing and Bangust screen. Six oilers. Rope yarn.

    July 23/45
    Hazy and cooler. Sighted Ulithi at 0800. Fueled from A020. Nested with DE740 Waterman.

    July 24/45
    To leave 1700 on the 25th.. Waterman into dry dock. Will remain in port. Shifted berth to pick up ammo.

    July 25/45
    Underway at 1700. In company with five oilers and one AK. Screen Canfield, Dionne, Deede, Elden and Bangust. "Chelsea two" is ComScreen.

    July 26/45
    Calm and Warm. General quarters at 1130. Bogie identified as friendly. Test fired three inch at 1500. No field day. To be held tomorrow.

    July 27/45
    Calm and much warmer. Early this morning OTC called for condition one three times but Bangust did not go to general quarters. One escort had mine at 3.00 AM.

    General quarters at 0745. Bogie identified as friendly. This OTC is like and old woman.

    July 28/45
    Choppy. Storm warnings out north of us. To join Garfield tomorrow.

    July 29/45
    Sunday. Choppy. Joined Garfield at 0630. Fueled from A053 Caliente at 0700. Picked up mail from A044 and A047. Picked up Dr. Meany from DE744 Kyne.

    During fueling this morning, a mine floated close past our starboard side. A tug crossing our bow just missed it. I thought they were sure to hit it.

    Another oiler while fueling sighted a mine dead ahead and just pulled away from the escort, parting lines and all.

    Rope yarn this afternoon.

    July 30/45
    Choppy. Cloudy. Steaming as before. Sighted British fueling unit this morning.

    July 31/45
    Alongside Thetis Bay to transfer Dr. Meany. Transferred Pascoe's gear to him on DE743 Hilbert.

    August 1/45
    Clear but quite choppy. Fueling units of Third Fleet. We are ComScreen of our fueling unit.

    Hospital ship USS Rescue joined us last night. Heavy units held AA fire.

    August 2/45
    Clear still rolling. Field Day. Pretty rough. Heavy ground swells. Steaming in company with units of Third Fleet and Task Force 38.

    DE692 Underhill attacked and sunk by three Jap subs in Luzon waters.

    August 3/45
    Clear and Calmer. Inspection at 1000. Fueling units of TF 38. Secured fueling at about 1300. Sighted quite a few carrier planes in the air this afternoon. Able Able firing from heavy units.

    August 4/45
    Clear and Warmer. Fueled from A053 Caliente at 0800. Rope Yarn. Assigned to Group Able and detached to proceed to rendezvous with Fleet at 28 north 149 west.

    Steaming at 16 knots. Operation extended until the 12th.

    August 5/45
    Sunday. Cooler and breezy. Steaming as before. In company with O'Bannon and others.

    DD645 Stevenson alongside at 1030 to pick up mail. One of the carriers reported Jap balloon but later identified it as one of our own weather observation balloons.

    August 6/45
    Clear, calm and cool. Position at 0500 32 north 143 east. Steaming as before at SOA of 16 knots. To meet and refuel Fleet tomorrow. Course 043.

    August 7/45
    Hazy and much cooler. Position at 0300 37.48 north 148.43 east. Sighted Fleet at about 0400. They were behind us all night.

    Present course 270 degrees. Speed 8 knots. Fueling units of TC 38.3.Concluded fueling at about 0130. Rejoined "Garfield One."

    Fueled from A060 at 0230. Resumed course. To remain on course all night and resume fueling tomorrow.

    I guess there are supposed to be strikes on coast tonight. Sighted a school of over 100 porpoises today. They were with us until we changed course.

    Starboard lookout says he thought we hit a school last night. He saw them scatter and you could feel them hit the bow. Posit at 2000 is 37.20 north 147.55 east.

    August 3/45
    Clear and cool. Steaming as before. Supposed to fuel Fleet on the eleventh.

    New "Atomic Bomb" used on Japan. Posit at 2000 35 north 153 east. Course 255 degrees at midnight.

    August 9/45
    Clear and cool. Field Day. Steamin' as before. Dawn alert at 0309.

    DD449 Micholas alongside to trade movies at 0900.

    August 10/45
    Rather hazy and cool. Rain squalls. Inspection at 0900. Conducted Able Able firing for automatic weapons at 1000.

    Rather choppy in afternoon and evening. Rain squalls. Typhoon six hundred miles south of here. Posit 37 north 149 east.

    USS Borie DD704 hit by suicide in fleet raid on mainland. Borie passed us at 1300 today in company DD Abbott who had lost screw.

    Borie suffered hit on signal bridge with heavy casualties. Was attempting to make contact with hospital ship in this area.

    Since July fourth, we have been in port only two days.

    August 11/45
    Calm but very overcast. Fueling units of TG 38.4. DE744 Kyne alongside to transfer Division Medical Officer to examine CO of Kyne. Recommended hospitalization.

    USS Rescue passed through convoy at 1000. Joined. Typhoon moving north at ten knots.

    August 12/45
    Sunday. Cool and rather choppy with occasional rain. Fueled from A024 at 0500. Squalls. Sighted units of TF 38 steaming on our port bow.

    Storm moving north northeast. Our present course will bring us right into typhoon area.

    Typhoon at 32 146 at 1200. Moving east at last. We may miss it. Our position about 37north and 148 east.

    Japanese surrender offer rejected and United States will accept it only if we will have supreme commander in Japan who will give orders to Jap Emperor. Other than that, both sides are agreed on "Potsdam Terms"

    August 13/45
    Rough and choppy. Typhoon recurving to north east. Present course due west. Oiler replacements delayed due to storm.

    "Kings Row" reported "snooping" Japanese aircraft this afternoon (VHF).

    Clearing toward evening. I guess we have passed typhoon with little to spare.

    USS Rescue steaming in company. No lights. Empty tankers dispatched to "Horror" (Ulithi) prior dark.

    August 14/45
    Clearing but still choppy. Fueling Third Fleet including British Task Force. British task force composed of one CVE, two CA's one battle wagon and ten destroyers.

    August 14/45
    No further word on Japanese acceptance or rejection of Allied surrender ultimatum of August eleventh

    Hospital ship USS Rescue and several other ships detached prior dark.

    Just before chow this evening, a report from San Francisco radio indicated that Japan has accepted the surrender terms but as yet the Allied Government have not been notified.

    "And so to bed."

    August 15/45
    Very calm and warmer. Fueled this morning from A040 and proceeded as ordered to CVE to pick up VHF Radio Receiver for further delivery.

    Alongside A087. While standing off to starboard of oiler,"Garfield" reported "bogie" at ten miles. Came in very low hence was not picked up on radar.

    Came in, took good look and scrammed. Planes from CVE finally airborne and pursued to 60 miles.

    Plane gave all indications of being Japanese. So the Japs now must have our position.

    At 0900 President Truman broadcast acknowledgment of receipt of Jap surrender.

    Alongside AK19 at 1100 for stores At approximately 1130 Halsey reported "Kings Row" TF 38 under Jap air attack. No further dope.

    It is sure a wonderful day for a "Kamakasi" attack. TF 38 is 138 miles from us.

    Alongside DE7 at 1245. Jap resistance to stop at 1200 August 15/45.United States order to "Cease Firing" issued shortly after.

    At 0415 DE 740 Waterman sank mine off our starboard quarter. Quite an explosion.

    Mac Arthur is to make peace negotiations. No further dope on today's air attack on "Kings Row."

    August 16/45
    Calm and warmer. Field Day. DM9's, ADP's, and DM's sighted and joined this morning.

    Hospital ship and Limey sloop "Rock bottom" joined late in afternoon. Scuttlebutt has it that we will be assigned to special duty in Tokyo Bay.

    Rumor about special assignment confirmed by Capt Ashford, Operation Officer TG 30.8. Waterman, Bangust, Weaver and Kyne to be included

    Halsey shot down 16 planes in yesterdays air attack. Later info indicates special assignment may not pan out after all.

    August 17/45
    Calm. Cool. Slight breeze. Inspection at 1000. Ten US transports attacked by Jap planes yesterday.. So Solly.

    APD's and DM's and LSV detached. To proceed to point north and remain in area. We are to join them on the 19th.

    August 18/45
    Slight breeze and cooler. Deployed at dawn to form fueling dispositions. Fueling "Pay check" TF 38.

    Mac Arthur gave Japs until Monday to "Quit stalling" or suffer the consequences,

    August 19/45
    Sunday. Slightly choppy. Holiday Routine. Sighted amphibious units this morning. Fueling fleet units.

    August 20/45
    Choppy. Cooler. Fueling units of TG 38.3. Order by Commander Third Fleet at 1000 to form TG 38.80 comprising following ships:

    ATF's 118 and 105, LST648, ARS10, APL24, AD17 Piedmont and AS19 Proteus. Also to have three hospital ships, AH4 Tranquility, AH13 Benevolence and IIS3 Tjibalenga (Dutch) ... OTC Capt Robbins in Piedmont.

    Alongside CL65 Pasedena to pick up Operation Orders. Alongside A037 Merrimack for fuel and stores.

    Typhoon at 23 north 149 east. As yet Piedmont has not joined unit. At 1630 sank mine. Remaining within TBS (voice) radio range of "Garfield" to await orders

    August 21/45
    Choppy. Mail delivered to Bangust by DD669 for further relay. Alongside ATF 118 Menatee with mail and movies. Also AS19 Portetis and ARSIO.

    Alongside hospital ship AH14 Benevolence before chow. While alongside hospital ship AH13 Tranquility, something went haywire and our fantail smacked ship. No damage. We made it on a second try.

    Made mail deliveries to Duluth, hospital ship, R9 Delta, AD17 Piedmont which joined at 1000 this morning.

    Also alongside A096 Tamalpais and ATF105. Typhoon at 26 north 144 east.

    While going alongside Kyne, we scraped their side with our anchor. Damage to Kyne whaleboat. Rumor has it that Kyne was not on right course, "Batting one thousand."

    August 22/45
    Rain squalls but generally clearing. TG 30.8 fueling "Paycheck" TF 36 units today. Seaplane tender joined this morning.

    AV's and AVP's also joined today. Typhoon at 30.1 north 144 east. Our 0600 posit 32.15 north 142.12 east.

    Alongside GC4 Ancan at'1300 to transfer Oboe Mike mail. Rather choppy this afternoon with high wind generally subsiding toward evening.

    August 22/45
    I guess we have missed typhoon but right now we seem to be in quite a bit of the aftermath.

    During heavy rains just after dark quite a time was had by all. Visibility about Zero Limey with no radar and hospital ship with steering casualty. Put these together and add the OTC and boy, what a mess....

    Hospital ship AH18 Rescue joined unit.

    August 23/45
    Clearing but still rather choppy with big swells. Still waiting orders to Tokyo. Kyne left at 1220 to rendezvous with USS Iowa.

    Alongside AV15 Hamlin at 1330 to pass mail. Weaver rejoined just after sundown.

    ARL and LST to rendezvous with us have collided and ARL to return to Saipan

    Two women war correspondents on Rescue will be transferred to fleet units.

    August 24/45
    Still pretty choppy. Inspection at 1000. Two YMS's joined this morning. We are supposed to be in Tokyo area by the twenty eighth.

    "Usherette" had sound contact at about 1130 but it proved to be fish.

    The USS Pennsylvania was hit by Jap torpedo plane August 12.

    Storm warnings out for following areas. 27.5 north 137.3 east and 30.3 north and 130 east. General low pressure area from Iwo Jima to Hianan Island in China Sea. Pond plotted.

    Our position this morning about 32 north 144 east.

    August 25/45
    Choppy and pretty rough at our slow speed. Typhoon warnings still out. This evening we are to leave for Point Priest (about 130 miles from Tokyo) to rendezvous with LST Group

    At 1230 AGC14 Teton and PCE's 848 and 849 joined. Kyne left to deliver mail.

    Night intentions canceled our orders to leave for Priest. To remain in area. Plenty rough.

    August 26/45
    Sunday. Very choppy. Rope Yarn today. AV's and AVP's detached to form separate disposition. LST Group to rendezvous with this group.

    Nimitz released. list of ships in occupation force. Bangust Listed. Generally clearing toward evening.

    Occupation operation delayed two days due to typhoon conditions from Okinawa to Japan.

    August 26/45
    Surrender terms to be signed on '.Missouri. Spruance and Fifth Fleet brought out of mothballs for the occasion.

    Storm center last reported at 27 north 133 east. LST Group to be at 32.30 north 144.15 east.

    DE740 Waterman returns to convoy. No LST's as yet. DD564 Bowe joined this morning.

    August 27/45
    Clearing but plenty choppy. Alongside LST to pass mail. Underway for Point Priest.

    At 1420 DE741 Weaver detached to proceed to rendezvous with Jap sub and put prize crew from Proteus aboard.

    At 1505 Bangust designated to proceed to pick up another Jap sub at 37.30 north 145 east.

    In vicinity of Proteus and took-prize crew aboard from sub tender. Six officers and about forty men.

    Underway for rendezvous at 18 knots. Course 352.

    August 28/45
    Picked up radar contact of Japan at 0255. Changed course to 288. Sighted land at 0550 near town of Shioya, Honshu at 45 miles.

    Changed course when in to 100 fathoms. All area beyond this point is heavily mined.

    Proceeding to intercept Jap submarine but with little luck. Talked with planes on VHF; they are dropping food on POW camps.

    0800 posit 37.07 north 141.28 east. On orders from Com Third Fleet, changed course to 192. Speed 19 knots.

    Made radio contact with USS Murray who is escorting sub at 0230.

    Murray to change course to intercept. Sub about 60 miles away.

    At 1600 made radar contact and also TBS radio contact with Murray DD576. Approaching sub at 1640. All hands at GO. Dead in water and lowered boat. Pretty tricky business.

    The Murray has a boarding party of four officers and twelve enlisted men on board sub.

    Transferred prize crew to sub. Murray is circling us with all guns trained on sub. Several American planes came over and dived low.

    Brought about thirty six Jan POW's and one officer aboard Bangust. POW's given thorough examination and taken to after engineers compartment. Fed eggs and Spam and secured for night.

    Underway at 2015 for Sagomi Wan with sub at 9 knots. Course 247. At 2250 made contact with Weaver and her submarine.

    August 29/45
    Maintained Condition One after dawn alert. We are passing over heavily mined waters.

    Sighted Fujiyama at 0550 sticking out of the clouds. Several ships on mine sweeping duty and patrol.

    Alongside DD Frank Knox to pick up SOPA instructions. At 0945 entered Sagomi Wan. Looks pretty nice.

    It is odd to come into some place that so resembles a thousand spots back home. Beach is very beautiful with mountains and various signs of civilization.

    Units of American and British fleets in here. Our unit that we left at sea is in here. The DE's from our division are the only ones here.

    At Condition One. SOPA finally relaxed orders permitting movies and securing Condition One.

    The subs I14 and H400 are alongside Proteus. The Weaver's sub was five thousand tons, eight tubes forward and carried about 125 men.

    The subs are to be sent to Pearl as soon as possible. Someone said they are two of the largest subs in the world.

    We are about 15 miles from Tokyo Bay. Movies on the fantail. Beach is fully lighted and resembles Far Rockaway.

    At about 1300, LCVP came alongside to remove prisoners. They all waved when they left the ship. As much as to say, "We're home and you guys aren't."

    Received 40 bags of mail from USS Chicago.

    August 30/45
    In port Sagomi Wan. Underway at 0530 to fuel from A033. Returned to same berth.

    August 31/45
    In port. Rainy. Underway at 0431 to provision from AK. Ordered to Tokyo Bay at 0900. Underway for Tokyo. Foggy and squally.

    Arrived Tokyo Bay in afternoon. Various evidences of American bombing damage. Several sunken ships in harbor channel.

    Anchored about 2500 yards from Missouri. Yokosuka Naval Base looks pretty good from here.

    September 1/45
    In port Tokyo. Foggy and squally. Received orders to escort APA's to Saipan and return.

    Underway at 1445 in company with DE744 Kyne and APA's 172, 138, 125, 156, 203 and AKA 84. Speed 15 knots.

    September 2 to 5
    Underway enroute Saipan to arrive prior dark 5 September.

    September 5/45
    Much warmer and calm. Sighted Saipan at about 1200. Entered and anchored. No dope on our estimated time of departure.

    September 6/45
    In port Saipan. Overcast. Fueled from Y0112 at 1030 this morning. Stores all day long.

    September 7/45
    Underway at 1445 to Tokyo with Kyne. Four merchant ships. Speed 10 knots. Blackout regulations canceled. movies topside.

    September 8/45
    Warm and clear. Steaming as before.

    September 9/45
    Sunday. Warm. Holiday Routine.

    September 10/45
    Very warm and calm. Steaming as before.

    September 11-12
    Enroute Tokyo. Steaming as before. Received orders to report to CTG 30.8 for duty.. Ouch.

    September 13/45
    Arrive Tokyo Bay at 1030. Anchored. Granted six days at anchor availability by CTG 30.8... "Sports."

    Quite cool and foggy with rain squalls.

    September 14-15
    In port. Shifted berth to Yokosuka Ko. Nested with 744, Erben and Uhlman. Liberty.

    September 16/45
    Transferred men to 11067 Cache for Uncle Sugar.

    "Hot Hockey"... ComCortDiv 32 is to be ordered back before the expiration of our availability. Granted an additional six Days to expire September 20.

    September 17/45
    Storm warnings out for Bay area. Liberty in Tokyo.

    September 23/45
    CTG 16.6 asked all ships to report date that they left States. Bangust heads list.

    September 27/45
    Another storm warning. All liberty canceled.

    September 29/45
    At 1500 CortDiv 32 received orders to States via Queen Fox. To be routed to Pearl, San Pedro and thence to report to CinClant in Panama for duty. To leave October 2.

    October 1/45
    Fueled from A062 and anchored in bay. At 1600 broke out "Homeward Bound Pennant." All division here except Lamons who is in Okinawa. Taking on passengers for States. 39 enlisted and 2 officers.

    October 2/45
    Clear and cool. Underway at 0645 for Uncle Sugar. ETA Pearl is October 10 at 0930.

    October 3/45
    Pretty rough. Very high winds.

    October 4/45
    Clearing and slightly warmer.

    October 5/45
    Clear and calm. Weaver alongside to pass movies.

    October 6/45
    Clear and cool. About 1800 miles out of Pearl this morning. Weather very nice. I hope it stays as such.

    Fox message informs us that we will have Charleston, South Carolina as our home port... Ouch. Transmitted two messages on Ship/Shore radio circuit.

    October 7/45
    Sunday. Clear and rather cool.

    October 10/45
    Arrived Pearl at 1000. Undress whites uniform of the day while entering harbor. All hands at Quarters.

    Nested with Waterman and DE740 at DesPac Anchorage.

    October 11/45
    In port Pearl Harbor. Liberty. Very few sailors in town. Lots of "Waves" and "WACS"... This place has changed a lot.

    October 12/45
    In port. To leave at 1700 tomorrow for San Pedro. Lamons has not arrived Pearl as yet.

    October 13/45
    Liberty at DesPac until 1200. Lamons arrived this morning. Took on more passengers.

    Underway at 1680 with Escort Division 32 less Lamons. SOA 15 knots. To arrive October 20 at 0800.

    Division Commander is "stinko"... Really raising a lot of H---.

    October 14/45
    Sunday. Steaming as before. Rope Yarn.

    October 15/45
    We have 84 enlisted passengers including those picked up in Pearl.

    October 16-19
    Steaming as before. Weather very good. Quite cold ...

    Comdr Hutchison received his orders to report to RecShip Philadelphia. Duty: Executive Officer.

    Taylor on Weaver to be DivCom. Have transmitted nine times since leaving Pearl Harbor.

    October 20/45
    Foggy. Sighted US about 0700. Berthed at Pier 264 and disembarked passengers.

    Shifted to berth Dog 12 and anchored. Liberty about 1400. To be in Long Beach until November 6th.

    October 21 to November 5/45
    In port. Liberty.

    November 5/45
    Shifted berths at 1000 to fueling docks. Completed fueling. Liberty granted until 0000.

    November 6/45
    Clear and cool. Underway at 0630 in company CortDiv 32 less Lamons. Enroute Panama.

    November 8/45
    Overcast and pretty choppy. At 2000 sighted Mexican coastal steamer Mulege in distress. Finally determined cause of trouble and attempted to take in tow-.... Unsuccessful.

    Stayed in vicinity overnight awaiting reply to our request to ComVestSea Frontier for tug. Other ships remained on course enroute Panama.

    Ordered by CWSF to take Mulege in tow and proceed to Magdelena Bay. SOA 3 knots. Due to arrive tomorrow at Magdelena Bay.

    November 10/45
    Clear and warm. Arrived Magdelena about 1300. About ten houses on beach. Anchored Mulege one mile from beach. Very pretty country but very desolate. Enroute Panama.

    November 15/45
    Clear and very hot. Arrived Panama, Balboa at about 1000. Anchored awaiting transit with rest of Division which is scheduled for today.

    Began transit at 1300. Finally tied up in Cristobal at 2330. Passengers came aboard. About forty five.

    November 16/45
    Moored. Rainy. Fueled and provisioned this morning. Liberty granted until 0600 tonight. Underway at 1030 for Philadelphia.

    November 22/45
    Clear and very cold. Entered Delaware River at about 0700. Moored alongside Pier 6. Liberty at 0330 PM.

    Walker relieved by Lind. Yerxa to be Executive Officer.

    November 28/45
    Started five day leave. To be in Philadelphia about twelve days.

    That was how Roulet's diary ended. Perhaps he was transfered for discharge. (drp 1999)

    To the Top

Diary of Charles G. Vonderau
Bangust 'till the end and ComCortDiv 32 vessels until scrapped

Scanned and Uploaded to the Bangust Pages in April 1999. (drp)

    Dec. 9 - First rough weather for crew off of San Diego.
    15 - End of shakedown. San Diego to San Pedro.
    18 - Drydocked at San Pedro.
    25 Big- Christmas Dinner.
    30 (Harold Sax) walked off the pier with rifle.

    Jan. 7 (Richard "Waite) made a prisoner - stealing ships mail. Transferred to Terminal Island. San Pedro to San Francisco. Arrived next, morning.
    15 Underway at 1400 for Pearl Harbor with DE 42 Reynolds. Rough weather all the way. Damaged shield on #1 - 3" gun. Most of crew terribly seasick. (First 3 weeks of March were spent by fleet consolidating gains at Majuro)

    Mar. 29 - Tank Unit 50-17.1 left Majuro to rendezvous with Task Force 58. 5 DE's including Bangust - 6 fleet oilers - SARANAC - NEOSHO LACKAWANNNA - NESHANIC - CLIENT - TALLULAH. TG 58.1 conducting air strikes on Yap and Ulithi.

    Apr. 5 - Back to Majuro. Fleet of 5 Battleships - 7 Cruisers - 5 carriers and 70 destroyers came in from air strikes.
    23 - Lt. L. L. Keesling went to officers club - had a few too many - fell and broke his arm. Detached - F. A. Lind now Exec. Officer.
    26 - Picked up SS214 and escorted sub back to Majuro.

    May 17 - Underway for Pearl Harbor. Boiler problem. Rough Seas.
    21 - Water coming in to sound room and motor room.
    28 - Dry-docked at Pearl Harbor Crew scraped bottom of ship - repainted same - all night job.

    Jun. 1 - Out of dry-dock - taking on stores.
    7 - (Ruiz) in brig on bread and water.
    12 - Jap Flag painted on bridge for sinking of sub.
    27 - to July 13th - Remained at Eniwetok - R & R.

    Jul.19 - At 0600 we passed ROTA island - Jap held - our planes were bombing.

    Oct. 6 - Into dry-dock - sound gear problem.
    7 - Out of dry-dock.
    13 - Arrived Babelthroup in Palau Islands. 30,000 Japs on it. Armed guards entire ship during the night to prevent boarding.

    Nov. 25 - Jap subs sunk in Ulithi anchorage. Miniature type.
    28 - Issued winter weather gear for proposed trip north to Alaska.

    Dec. 17 - Typhoon hit. At 2000 Navy flier crashed ahead of us. Too rough lost his flare in darkness at 1000 yards. Winds 125 mph.
    18 - Waves now 60 ft. high. 62 degree roll to port side. Some life rafts and floater nets already missing. At 2200 storm calmed somewhat. Damage assessment is 1 main engine out. 2 life rafts gone. 2 depth charges gone. 8 depth charge arbors gone. 8 barrels of lube oil - most of life lines gone - Gun 21 - 20 MM off mount. Emergency fire hoses and evaporators gone. Smoke generator out.
    20 - Rudyerd Bay CVE 18 - Thorn (DD647) and Bangust formed TU 30.8.7 to look for survivors. Told to go northwest along Phil. Island coast searching until enemy contact made.
    22 - With Swearer (DE) - Nehenta Bay CVE 74 and Gatling DD 671. At 1550 just 220 miles Luzon we made enemy contact. Enemy aircraft spotted. Carrier planes from CVE took off to intercept. Gatling fired a few rounds of 5" ammo - but too far away. Plane left and so did we.

    Jan 18 Five Chinese from Amoy, China taken from AC Nantahala
    19 At 2300 we opened smoke generators on stern of ship. Threat of an air raid Wind changed suddenly and brought smoke back over the Bangust. #3 - 3" Gun and 40 MM gun crews got most of it. I fell from loading platform of 40 MM to Main deck about 25 feet and landed on my tail. Years later a doctor asked me if I ever fell. At first I said no then recalled this incident. in 1967 I was operated on for a disc problem. No claim submitted.

    Feb. 4 -TU 50.8 organized with CL 9 Detroit as CO. 17 -AO 43 on fire.

    Mar. 11 -During movie on fantail - Jap suicide plane bombed CVE 26. He then dove in to ASOR Island thinking it another carrier.
    12 -Lt. E. B. Walker, Jr. reported. Relieved C. F. MacNish as CO. McNish to Guam where his harbor work experience is needed.

    Apr. 5 -At 2300 Thornton (DD) and an LST were on a collision course toward us. Passed by 400 ft. but hit AO Escalante. Several men overboard. Searchlights on - looks like a city all lighted up. DD645 Stockton sank a sub. DE644 Vammen hit a mine.
    8 -DE184 Wesson hit by suicide pilot.
    25 -We exploded horned type mine.
    26 -At 1300 We went through what was probably a mine field. Five explosions. At 1500 carrier planes shot down a Jap close by:

    Jun. 6 -Typhoon over DE439 Conklin lost her mast. 3 CVE's not operational. Decks are split.
    10 -Arrived Guam with CVE's Windham Bay - Salamana - Bouganville and Attu. Their storm damage very bad. About 50 miles out of Guam we joined Cruisers Pittsburgh and Duluth. Both out here only 11 months - both wrecked in storm. Pittsburgh bow completely off - Duluth split in middle of ship.
    23 -Proceeding to Saipan alone. Arrived 1500.

    Jul. 4 -Underway with 4 CVE's.
    5 -Met TU 30-8. Total number of escorts now 36. 72 ships combined. At 1200 set course northward for raids on Tokyo.
    7 -Divided force into two groups, for safety purposes. 0245 met TF 38.
    10 -First carrier raids on Tokyo.
    16 -CVE torpedo plane reported he attacked Jap sub. DE Wm. Taylor left to search for it.
    17 -DE Wm. Taylor made contact and sank sub on first hedgehog attack.
    23 -Arrived at Ulithi.
    25 Underway again for last phase of operation.
    29 -Met TG 30.8 and TF 38.

    Aug. 5 -Now 300 miles from Tokyo. Carrier planes making strikes from here. Passed many mines. DD687 Bristol collided with AC Ashtabula and tore off 50 feet of port side.
    7 -First Atomic bomb dropped.
    8 -Carriers striking Honshu.
    15 -At 1810 radio news announced it was all over. At 1200 Com3rdFlt. assigned Bangust, Waterman and Lamons for special duty. Later Bangust assigned to bring in surrenderd Jap sub.
    19 -Off Japan waiting for MacArthur to-arrive for formal entry into Tokyo Bay.
    27 -Still waiting. With TF 35 Cruisers Pasadena and San Diego and other DD's and DE's. At 1500 Weaver and Bangust designated to to go 300 miles northeast to take possession of 2 Jap subs reported surfaced and waiting for us. We went alongside Proteus AS 19 and took a 45 man prize crew aboard.
    28 -After steaming all night, we met the Jap sub. 135 Japs on board Prize crew put on board sub. 45 Japs put on Bangust. Identified as I 14. Built in 1945 at Kure.
    30 -Underway to Yokosuka Naval Base.

    Sept. 1 - Underway with Kyne and 5 ships to Saipan.
    5 - Arrived Saipan.
    7 - Underway with Kyne for Yokosuka. (Several 'Bangust men insist to this day that we were in Tokyo Bay when the signing was completed, on the Missouri).
    13 - Arrived Yokosuka.

    Oct. 2 - ComCortDiv 32 less Lamons underway for Pearl Harbor. Going home pennant flying from yardarm past the fantail.
    10 - At 1000 we arrived at Pearl Harbor.
    13 - At 1500 Underway for USA. 86 passengers plus 174 crew on board.
    20 - Arrived San Pedro at 0800.
    30 - Ships party at Lakewood Country Club.

    Nov 6 - Underway for Panama Canal.
    7 - At 1000 started towing Mexican coastal steamer Mulege to Magdalena Bay. (See my story)
    15- Arrived at Balboa, Panama Canal at 1200. Through Canal at night. Raining very hard. Passed into Atlantic at 0100.
    16 - Refueled. Left with our 6 DE's at 2100 for Phil. Navy Yard.
    22 - Arrived Phil. Navy Yard at 1300.

    Jan. 9 - Left Phil. for Green Cove Springs, Fla. Reserve Fleet.
    11 - Arrived Jacksonville, Fla.
    17 - Bangust reached destination - Green Cove Springs, Fla.

    23 April 1946

    The above was my last entry in my personal diary kept while serving on board the Bangust. At that time I thought I'd never see her or hear of her again.

    My last glimpse of the Mighty B was on 17 April 1946 when I left the starboard side of the quarter-deck on my way to Great Lakes Naval Station for discharge from the US Navy. The six ships of the original Escort Division 32 were left anchored in a nest together in the St. Johns River at Green Cove Springs, Florida, an inactive reserve fleet area.

    But that wasn't "The End". While trying establish myself in the civilian life, I did think of the Bangust just like many others did. Being together for at least two years is difficult to forget.

    Sometime in 1951, I decided to contact Herman Meakin, our Chief Boatswains Mate. When he left the Bangust in February of 1946 for inactive duty, he gave me his home address in Philadelphia, so I wrote a short letter to find out what happened to him during those five years that passed.

    A few weeks later I received a letter from Meakin with a return address from the Naval Training Station at Bainbridge, Maryland. With the Korean War on, Meakin was called back to active service and he wrote saying he was going to be training recruits just as soon as he completed his own training program. He said the navy was trying to teach him to stop using "cuss words". He didn't say but I'll bet they never broke him of the habit. He knew too many of the words and used them too often to forget, so a few were bound to leak into any conversation he ever had.

    He sent me a clipping that started my inquiry of the Bangust. It read:

    "The U.S. recently transferred three Destroyer Escorts to the Government of Peru as part of the Mutual Defense Assistance Program. The ships transferred were USS BANGUST (DE 739), USS WATERMAN (DE 740) and USS WEAVER (DE 741)". (The above transfer took place on 26 October 1951)

    My first follow up letter was to the U.S. Embassy at Lima, Peru. Comdr. Jay W. Land wrote back confirming the above transfer mentioning that after a complete modernization program at Jacksonville, Florida, all three ships arrived at Callao, Peru on 24 May 1952. The Mighty B appeared much as when she was new but the torpedo tubes had been re- moved, replaced by 2-40MM, anti-aircraft guns. One on the port side, the other the starboard side. Bumper guards were installed on each side of the fantail, something destroyers had all along. All exposed deck areas were fitted with strips of abrasive materials to prevent slipping. The Bangust crew never had that luxury at any time. Finally a big number "61" was painted on her bow with the name "CASTILLA" lettered over the Bangust name on her stern. The Peruvian flag flew from the fantail right behind the smoke generators.

    From 1952 to 1958 the Castilla sailed to San Diego, California once each year to train with the U.S. Navy in anti-submarine exercises. Three months of each year, usually in the summer time, she trained new men of the Peruvian Navy. Sometimes the training cruise included a trip to Panama or Columbia. In 1958 she went to Argentina to take part in the ceremonial change of government.

    Under command of C6mmander Aurelio-Masias of the Peruvian Navy, the Castilla remained as the Bangust - Flagship of the three ship Escort--Division. The Castilla did well in various training cruises for the officers and enlisted men were considered professional and excellent sailors. Their fleet at that point consisted of the three DE's, two old cruisers, four modern submarines, two AMS's and two recently acquired Fletcher class destroyers plus auxiliary ships.

    In 1959 the Castilla participated in ASW maneuvers with the U.S. Navy task force 88 and task force 86 in 1960 and 1961. Exercises were held off the coast of Peru and Chile.

    In 1960 the Castilla sailed on a mercy mission to Chile to bring medicine and supplies to the people of Chile after a devastating earthquake. The Castilla went because of her superior rating in training.

    In one of my letters to Captain Masias I asked what the little room off the radio shack was used for. He replied the same as on the Bangust - the decoding room. He said the Communication Officer laughed when he read my letter thinking of the little decoding work done at that moment compared to the many hours I spent each day and night decoding everything and anything so Captain MacNish could be kept up to date with everything happening in the entire Pacific area.

    Christmas of 1962 brought me a card from Captain Masias with the notation "to a member of our big navy".

    Again in 1963 another with Christmas wishes from the crew of the Castilla.

    Peru was beginning an era of trouble in the political area and Captain Masias became unavailable to me. Shortly after he was relieved of his command and I never heard from him again. To this day every time I read anything about the armed forces of Peru, I look to see his name but many years have passed so he may be retired or passed away - who knows. From this point, I directed my letters to the U.S. Embassy at Lima. The Naval Affairs officer mentioned that future commanding officers of the Castilla would not and could not correspond with me due to the political situation.

    From 1964 - the next 15 years found the Castilla operating in, and about Callao training men for the newer and larger ships of the Peruvian Navy. In 1970-1971, she patroled. off the coast of Peru to prevent U.S. fishermen from fishing in waters that Peru thought of as protected waters. Several arrests were made during this time. Towards the end of this period of time, she became a service and berthing ship only at Callao.

    Sometime in 1979 to show strength of the Peruvian Government in the Interior, the Castilla sailed north along the coast of Peru, Ecuador and Columbia where she entered the Panama Canal for the third and last time. The East past Venezuela British Guinea, Surinam, French Guinea and Brazil where she entered the Amazon River.

    If you check a map of this area, you can see what a spectacular journey she made on her way to Iquitos, the final destination. The Castilla traveled about 5700 miles to reach Iquitos whereas it was only 625 miles from Callao to Iquitos as the crow flies.

    At Iquitos she again became a training ship for new men selected from the interior areas of Peru. Usually Peruvian sailors were recruited from the coastal regions since they were more familiar with the Pacific Ocean and wanted to become sailors.

    In 1981 I inquired of a Cleveland travel agent about going to Iquitos to see the Mighty B. For years I thought of seeing her again. The first thing that enters ones mind mentioning the Amazon River are snakes, piranhas and other creatures. Imagine my surprise when the travel agent contacted me a few days later and said that a large motel chain had located right across the river from the Iquitos Naval Station. The manager of that motel could see the Castilla right from his desk and window. With this information in hand, my daughter Betty was all for going to Iquitos with me, but again I thought about the political situation and I decided to pass the trip up. I guess I visioned Betty and myself locked up in some horrible place accused of being spies trying to find out secrets of a 38 year old Destroyer Escort.

    Early in 1985 I wrote the Peruvian Embassy in Washington, D.C. to inquire of the Castilla. Under date of 28 June 1985 I received the following letter.

    Embassy of Peru
    Naval Attaché Office
    Washington, D.C.

    V-200-1776................................28 June 1985

    Dear Mr.. Vonderau:

    This is for the purpose of making reference to your earlier letter concerning the ship EX-USS BANGUST -- EX-BAP CASTILLA. In this connection, be advised that this ship has been completely dismantled and the only thing left is the hull, which is moored in Iquitos, Loreto. We would like you and the rest of the former crew members of the EX-BANGUST to visit the ship, but you would find very little or nothing of her. With good wishes, I remain, Very truly yours,

    Julio De Los Rios
    Rear Admiral, Peruvian Navy
    Naval Attaché
    Embassy of Peru

    So at this point I come to the end of the Mighty B after a 42 year career in the United States and Peruvian Navies.

    And so - the "Final End"

    What Happened to Escort Division 32 as of November 1989?

    USS BANGUST (DE 739) A 1985 end to her history.

    USS WATERMAN (DE 740) Everything above the boat deck dismantled. She is decommissioned at Callao but serves as a power ship to active units of the Peruvian Navy.

    USS WEAVER (DE 741) - She is still in commission at Callao serving the submarine fleet of the Peruvian Navy as a tender.

    In may of 1972 my wife Nellie, daughter Betty, son George and I drove to the Philadelphia Naval Yard to see the HILBERT, LAMONS and KYNE which were brought up from Green Cove Springs, Florida for scrapping. At least 50 DE's were moored in the yard at that time. We selected the LAMONS to inspect and were given the services of a young sailor as tour guide. But it soon became apparent he didn't know too much about a DE so remained in the background as I explained the sister ship of the BANGUST to my family. We went over every inch of the ship and I left the Navy Yard quite pleased. I thanked the officer in charge and said "OK go ahead with your scrapping'. They did as follows:

    USS HILBERT (DE 742) Sold to Boston Metals Co., Baltimore, Md. for $60,666.66.

    USS LAMONS (DE 743) Sold to Boston Metals Co., Baltimore, Md.. for $62, 866.66.

    USS KYNE (DE 744) - Sold to North American Smelting Co., of Wilmington, Del. for $67,567-00.

    Charles G. Vonderau

    The above was Vonderau's diary with information he has compiled until the final day of the Bangust Also the final disposition of Escort Division 32. It is sad to see our ship gone. She was good to us. (drp)

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    Diary of Edward C. Capraun

    5/6/44 TO 12/20/45

    July 28th-Sailed out of Oakland, Calif. On the USS Yarmouth Troop Ship. We were 365 unassigned Sailors from Sampson, NY.
    July 31 -went to GQ twice.
    Aug. 2 -Arrived Oahu Harbor Hawaii.
    Aug. 3 -Liberty. Disgusting what was going on.
    Aug. 4 -Visited Wakiki Beach.
    Aug. 7 -Left for Pearl, only a few hours run.
    Aug. 8 -Left Pearl.
    Aug. 12 -Another Sub contact.
    Aug. 13 -Crossed I.D.L. 180 Meridian.
    Aug. 16 -Arrived Eniwetok in the Marshall Islands.
    Aug. 18 -Shipped to DD Tender Cascade.
    Aug. 19 -Shipped to DD Tender Piedmont.
    Aug. 20 - Assigned to DD USS McDermott. Never got aboard
    Aug. 21 -My Big Day. Assigned to the Mighty B, DE 739 USS Bangust.
    Aug. 26 -Left Eniwetok on my new home.
    Aug. 27 -Battle with Sub.
    Aug. 29 -Crossed Equator.
    Aug. 30 -Initiated into the Ancient Order Of The Deep. Also Golden Dragon.
    Sept.10 -Left Admiralty Island for Palau invasion.
    Sept.15 -Arrived Manus in the Admiralty Islands.
    Sept.18 -Left Manus for 150 miles from the Philippines.
    Sept.21 -Passed between Yap & Palau during invasion.
    Sept.23 -Arrived at our destination and refueled.
    Sept.25 -Plane crashed off carrier nearby.
    Sept.27 -Started steering.
    Sept.28 -Very rough weather.
    Oct. 3 -Arrived back Admiralty. DD on fire close by.
    Oct. 6 -Went into Floating Dry Dock.
    Oct. 7 -Out of Dry Dock.
    Oct. 10 -Left for Palau.
    Oct. 13 -Arrived and anchored between two Jap held islands.
    Oct. 18 -Left Palau for Admiralty Islands.
    Oct. 19 -Philippines invaded.
    Oct. 21 -Arrived Admiralty Islands.
    Oct. 25 -Left Admiralty Islands for Ulithi.
    Oct. 28 -Arrived Ulithi in the Caroline Islands.
    Oct. 29 -Fleet returned from the Philippines.
    Oct. 30 -Bangust one year old Happy Birthday.
    Nov. 5 -Typhoon started very rough.
    Nov. 8 -Typhoon ended went on Patrol.
    Nov. 12 -Left Ulithi to refuel fleet at the Philippines.
    Nov. 14 -Arrived at Point Rendevous assigned to Escort Carrier.
    Nov. 16 -Plane crashed off carrier, too far away.
    Nov. 18 -Met Fleet from Manila, refueled ourselves.
    Nov. 19 -Sighted floating mine.
    Nov. 22 -Sub sank Tanker in Ulithi.
    Nov. 25 -Arrived back at Ulithi, air alert.
    Dec. 2 -Japs learned our I.F.F.
    Dec. 10 -Left Ulithi to refuel Fleet for invasion of Mindanao.
    Dec. 11 -Arrived at Ulithi for sound gear repair.
    Dec. 12 - Left Ulithi to rejoin convoy.
    Dec. 14 - Sub contact, spent nite trying to pick it off.
    Dec. 15 -Typhoon started, lasted 48 hours, 80 ft. waves, rolled 62 degrees.
    Dec. 19 -Standing by DD till tug came and took in tow.
    Dec. 20 -Refueled at sea, almost collided with tanker.
    Dec. 21 -Spent day searching for survivors.
    Dec. 22 -Jap plane attack, failed to shoot down.
    Dec. 23 -Lost plane off carrier, searched and started for port.
    Dec. 25 -Back to Ulithi after storm.
    Dec. 30 -Went aboard CVL Carrier that was on fire in storm.
    Dec. 31 -Moved alongside repair ship.


    Jan. 3 -Left Ulithi to refuel fleet for Luzon invasion.
    Jan. 4 -Tanker crapped out, orders to take it back.
    Jan. 5 -Back at Ulithi.
    Jan. 7 -Left to rejoin convoy.
    Jan. 9 -Joined convoy, refueled ourselves, Luzon invaded.
    Jan. 12 -Two sub contacts.
    Jan. 13 -Ordered to Leyte.
    Jan. 14 -Arrived Leyte, at G Q all day
    Jan. 15 -Passed Panay, Negros, Samar and Mindanao, left for rendevous off Manila.
    Jan. 16 -70 miles off Manila, could see Luzon. Del. Tankers to DD and started back with empties. We were in the South China Sea, Mindanao Sea, Sulu Sea, Mindanao Straight.
    Jan. 17 -Arrived back at Leyte, air raid.
    Jan. 18 & 19-Air raids, turned on smoke screen to cover, had one hell of a choking spell.
    Jan. 21 -Left Leyte, G Q two times while at sea.
    Jan. 22 -Orders to head for Ulithi and proceed to Eniwetok in the Marshall Is.
    Jan. 25 -Stayed at Ulithi for a few days.
    Feb. 8 -Left Ulithi for invasion of Volomano & Bonins, after completed will go on to Eniwetok.
    Feb. 11 -Arrived at refueling and refueled ourselves.
    Feb. 12 -Started refueling all the big boys.
    Feb. 14 -Refueled ourselves again.
    Feb. 16 -DE picked up 5 Japs in small boat.
    Feb. 17 -Tanker on fire.
    Feb. 18 -Refueled more fleet.
    Feb. 19 -Iwo Jima invasion fifty miles away, heard observation planes giving targets on radio.
    Feb. 20 -Refueled ourselves again.
    Feb. 21 -Left with empty tankers for Ulithi
    Feb. 22 -Took on stores at sea.
    Feb. 23 -Arrived at Ulithi with empties. Turned around with full tankers, did not even get into port.
    Feb. 28 -Refueled ourselves again.
    Mar. 3 -Refueled the fleet, two DD collided, tore the bow off one, other one was damaged.
    Mar. 5 -Arrived back at Ulithi.
    Mar. 11 -CVE exploded during air attack.
    Mar. 12 -Planes dive on island
    Mar. 14 -Alongside repair ship for radar repairs.
    Mar. 25 -Left to refuel fleet for Ryukus Is., very rough weather.
    Apr. 9 -Arrived Ulithi, every day was rough.
    Apr. 16- Left to refuel fleet for Okinawa.
    Apr. 25 -Sank Jap mine, sub contact at three A.M.
    Apr. 26 -Refueled ourselves, very rough, only about two inches away from tanker, Whew.
    Apr. 28 -Refueled again, the tankers are too close for me.
    May 3 -Unidentified plane at two A.M., went to G Q.
    May 10 -Arrived Guam with CVE.
    May 20 -Left Guam with CVE for Okinawa.
    June 4 -Typhoon started, rolled 65 degrees, waves 70 ft. high.
    June 5 -Typhoon ended, Pittsburgh lost its bow.
    June 6 -Started back to Guam with 4 CVE.
    June 10 -Arrived Guam
    June 23 -Left Guam for Saipan. Arrived Saipan.
    July 4 -Left Saipan with four CVE for raids on Honshu.
    July 5 -Met tanker convoy, joined up.


    July 9 -Refueled fleet and ourselves.
    July 18 -Started back with empties running into storm. Another typhoon.
    July 23 -Arrived Ulithi with six empties. We were the only Escort with sound gear.
    July 25 -Left Ulithi with full tankers for fleet.
    July 29 -Arrived at refueling area.
    Aug. 12 -Tail end of typhoon.
    Aug. 20 -Given special assignment. Waiting for orders to shove off for Tokyo. Spent day passing out official orders to all ships. Refueled ourselves. Took on stores.
    Aug. 21 -Continued passing out maps and orders. Collided with Hosp. Ship and DE 744.
    Aug. 22 -Jap Plane flew over but kept right on going.
    Aug. 28 -Left convoy with prize crew aboard to pick up Jap sub. Put prize crew on sub and brought 40 Jap crew on the Big (B). All hands were armed with firearms. We housed them in the Aft. Quarters. Some crew cut thru the binding on their bunks. Ha Ha Ha.
    Aug. 29 -Arrived at Sagami Wan in Tokyo Bay. Turned prisoners over to large ship.
    Aug. 30 -I got my rate - S/F 3/C
    Aug. 31 -Moved from Sagami Wan to what they called the best harbor in the world. From our ship we could see the Jap shipyard and the ships that were damaged in the air raids.
    Sept. 1 -Left Tokyo with 5 P A loaded with American prisoners headed for Saipan.
    Sept. 2 -Left Saipan for Japan with Liberty Ships. Arrived in 6 days because Liberty Ships are slow.
    Sept. 8 -Arrived Tokyo harbor.
    Sept. 14 -Moved into Yokuska Naval Base. Really in ruins.
    Sept. 15 -Went to Hosp. Ship for my new glasses. Took an unauthorized visit to Tokyo and Yokohama. Both are in a mess also stinks.
    Sept. 18/22/25/26 - Libertys in Tokyo. Bought Kimono and Sash 600.00 yen.
    Sept. 29 -Orders to go back to the Good Old U S A.
    Oct. 2 -Left Japan for Pearl.
    Oct. 10 -Arrived Pearl.
    Oct. 10/12 -Liberty in Hawaii
    Oct. 20/22/23/25 -Liberty in Calif.
    Oct. 28 -Had a 48 hr. pass, spent time with Kristian Thommasen, who lived in North Hollywood with his wife. (Address unknown on Bangust list.) He took me to the Ice Follies at the Pan Pacific Auditorium.
    Oct. 29- Visited famous Chinese Theater. Did not ask for my prints. Oh well.
    Nov. 3 & 4 - Liberties in Long Beach.
    Nov. 6 -Shoved off for the Canal Zone. We were only our a short time when our steering crapped out. Almost ran into our own ships - compass & radar-thought we would have to go back to Long Beach, but due to our smart crew it was back in service.
    Nov. 8 -At 1 AM in the morning we came upon a coastal freighter. The freighter belonged to Mexico. We were ordered to take in tow. We kept breaking our lines. We were rolling 35 to 45 degrees. About 10 AM we got her underway, very slow job. Heading for Magdalena Harbor. The ship was the Meelege Mazatlan.
    Nov. 9 -Arrived at their harbor around noon. We were underway heading for Panama by one PM.
    Nov. 15 -Arrived Panama at noon. By noon we were on our way thru the locks. We should be in the Atlantic side around one AM on the sixteenth.
    Nov. 16 -Liberty in Colon in Cristobal. At 2100 we head for Phil.
    Nov. 22 -Arrived at Phillie 1230.

    I have the time and I got the line, Thanks for my return DE 739
    Ed Caparaun

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