Contributors and Dedications

    Donald R. Pond QM2c contributed by starting a Bangust bank account at CompuBank with $100.00. The bank put $20.00 into the account for opening the account. The bank put $40.00 into the account because Don opened the account by clicking the link on the Bangust Web Pages.

    The contributors below have assured that the Bangust pages will be on the internet through 2015. They have provided the funds to allow the Bangust to obtain it's own domain name ( and their own host provider. ( Thank each of you for allowing the Bangust to take this giant step!

    Donald Pond. To the memory of all the Bangust Sailors that have gone ahead.

    Sherry Wray. To all that served aboard the Bangust.

    Michelle A Bell (December 2004) In loving memory of my father Martin G. Wallace who served aboard the Bangust.

    Martin G. Wallace

    Ed Capraun or Cappy, as his shipmates know him, has made a generous contribution to the memorial fund to keep the Bangust pages going . Cappy is the last remaining survivor of the Ship fitter Gang. He wanted to donate to the memorial fund in their honor. They were led by young Ensign Kurt Vragel. The others were William Wall, known as bulkhead. Paul Cable the Carpenter and Ed Capraun known as Cappy a ship fitter 3/c. Their leader of the group was Phillip Scimeca, know as Sci. It was a great bunch of shipmates that we all remember with fondness.

    Elizabeth and Hank Davis (May 2005)
    Enclosed is a small contribution to the Bangust Memorial Fund in memory of those men who served our country aboard the USS Bangust during WW II and are no longer with us. I have attended many of the Bangust reunions and have met so many wonderful men and their wives. As more and more are dying, I think it is important to make sure that the Web page continues for the descendants to learn of the contribution these men made to their country. So far this year we have lost Norm Hatt and Bill Fairlee and I believe more are ill and may not see next year.

    As I write this, I think of some of the men that I have met and will not see again. Kurt Vragel, Jim McNabb, Harry Axelrod, Bob "Zeke" Zuercher, Pat Curtis, Ed Walker, Carl Francis, Jack Malone and of course Norm and Bill, along with others whose names escape me right now. My life has been enriched by knowing these men.

    Bob McKnight (September 2005)
    I was browsing through the "B" pages and came across the new Contribution page. It seemed like such a great idea to keep things going for the pleasure of the surviving family members. I want to contribute so that it will continue. I want to thank you again for your dedication in putting together this "Memorial" to your shipmates. You should know also, that even though they haven't told you so, they all appreciate your great efforts.. Your friend, Bob

    Elizabeth Davis (November 2005)

    Elizabeth Davis, Hank Davis and Donald Pond (July 2009) A portion of their stimulus refund.

    Next Name. If you wish to contribute in order to keep the Bangust web pages going and have named recognition on this page mail your check to the address below.

    Note It is my desire to keep the Bangust Pages on the internet long after the crew and their wives are gone. I plan to do that with this memorial fund along with my own contributions. My descendants are instructed to make sure the fees get paid. (Don)

    Mail checks to:
    Bangust Memorial Fund
    c/o Donald R Pond
    2887 Lewis Drive
    Lompoc, CA 93436

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