USS Bangust DE739 DESA Awards


    The Top Award issued by DESA in July 2003


    This is to inform you that your website was nominated for the DESA Award of Excellence. Many recommendations were received and your site was evaluated based upon these detailed recommendations.

    In addition to exemplary site content, an important criteria for DESA's top award is the value and importance of a web site to the viewers. Never before has DESA been so informed as to the value and importance of a web site as it was of your site. This speaks volumes to your devotion, dedication and hard work in keeping alive the memories of Banqust.

    It is with great pride that I inform you that your site is the latest recipient of the DESA Award of Excellence. As you know, this award is given only to the best of the best and is a highly coveted award. In the past two years, only 15 other sites have received this award.

    Display this award with pride for a job well done, Don.

    Fair Winds,


    The Bangust Pages First award from DESA

    It is with great pride that DESA presents to you the Patriot Award for Web Excellence. You site is certainly deserving of this honor and more. Keeping alive the memories of the mighty Bangust is in keeping with the highest traditions of the US Navy. Your tribute to Bangust and your shipmates is to be commended. Well Done.


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